SupraOracles $SUPRA Token Sale Whitelist

SupraOracles is an ambitious and highly innovative blockchain platform.

SupraOracles $SUPRA Token Sale Whitelist

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It’s been a long journey, full of R&D and breakthroughs, and a community that truly gets Supra’s vision. Now, it’s finally time for all of us to take the next leap together. Sign up to get whitelisted before October 23 for early verification access.

SUPPLY: 50M from 3% Total Token Supply Allocated for Public Sales*

VESTING: 10% at TGE, 5% per Month Vest Over 18 months

MINIMUM: $200 Contribution per Person (No Maximum)

About Supra

Supra is a decentralized oracle solution designed for a multi-chain world. Optimized for consumer and enterprise scale, Supra offers near-instant data availability between Web2 and Web3, limiting the security and arbitrage opportunities that currently limit most oracle networks. The $SUPRA tokens is the native token of the Supra Network, and it will be minted in Q1 2024.


Flaws in existing Web3 oracle solutions have resulted in $730m+ in exploited funds. Decentralization is core to ensuring the Web3 data economy remains secure.


Quick data delivery provides critical network security, reducing the opportunity for malicious actors to take advantage of delays in data availability. Supra offers 3-5 second on-chain refresh rates with complete finality.


The promise of oracles is to connect a world of fractured data availability. Supra seamlessly bridges legacy and Web3 ecosystems together to ensure quick data delivery.

$SUPRA Tokenomics

The total $SUPRA token supply is 10,000,000,000 (10B).

The percent of total supply available across multiple public $SUPRA token sales and community distributions is estimated to be a minimum of 7% (700,000,000).

The remaining token allocation is as follows:

21% (2.1B) for Block Rewards, distributed to validators for securing the oracle network over 15-21 years.

17.00% (1.7B) for the Foundation, to grow and nurture the Supra and Web3 data ecosystem.

6-month cliff + 7-year quarterly vesting.

16.00% (1.6B) for Founders, Team, Future Staff, and Advisors.

12-month cliff from start date, then 20% annually for 2 years, 30% annually for 2 years (released quarterly).

5.18% (518M) for the Pre-Seed Round.

12-month cliff + 2-year quarterly vesting.

5.37% (1.55B) for the Seed Round.

6-month cliff + 2-year quarterly vesting.

2.25% (225M) for the Strategic Round.

10% at TGE + 5% per month vest over 18 months

1.84% (184M) 3AC/FTX Refund Bridge Round Part 1.

5% at TGE + 5% per month vest over 19 months

1.10% (110M) 3AC/FTX Refund Bridge Round Part 2.

15% at TGE + 5% per month vest over 17 months

1.44% (144M) Private Round 1 (Alpha Testnet).

20% at TGE + 5% per month vest over 16 months

0.88% (88M) Private Round 2 (Liquid Staking).

25% at TGE + 5% per month vest over 15 months

3% (300M) Crowdsales.

10% at TGE + 5% per month vest over 18 months

4% (400M) Project Blast Off (Learn to Earn Gamified Airdrop).

10% at TGE + 3% per month vest over 30 months

11% (1.1B) Ecosystem Fund.

6 months cliff, 60 months quarterly vesting

2% (200M) Legal, Marketing, Admin.

1 months cliff, 36 months quarterly vesting

4.09% (409M) OTC, Market Making, Listing Strategies.

1 months cliff, 36 months quarterly vesting

3.85% (385M) Exchange Liquidity.

To be deployed as necessary

*Note: Ahead of the token sale, these amounts are subject to change. Always refer to this page for the most recent tokenomics information.

Integrations & Accelerators

Supra has partnered with the leading applications, ecosystems, and industries around the world to pioneer an oracle solution for the future of decentralized technology.

Network Integrations

Supra has integrated with the leading L1 and L2 ecosystems around the world to pioneer an institutional-grade oracle solution for the future of decentralized technology.



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