ZOMBIE WORLD Z Private Whitelist

?‍♂️Zombie World Z is one of pioneer-games applying Metaverse combining virtual reality (VR) on the BSC, towards a game economy of the actualization with play-to-earn. And upgraded and developed to a 3D blockchain game based on the 2D game available on the App store and CHPlay which successful Zombie Idle Defense and millions of downloads in the market.

?First of all, thank you to the community for accompanying Zombie World Z from the first steps of the project, in order to thank you for your support for the project, we decided to organize a campaign with the name “The Most Valuable HEROES Builder (MVHB)” to give ZwZ lovers the opportunity to join us in our journey.?

ZOMBIE WORLD Z Private Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://t.me/ZWZ_MVHB_BOT?start

??Specifically, in this campaign we offer 4,000,000 $ZWS equivalent to $50,000 of private sale allocation. Each whitelisted member can buy $50 worth of ZWZ in the Private at 4AM, DEC 15th, 2021 (UTC) on zombieworldz.io

1️⃣Details of Zombie World Z public sale for ZwZ Fans

?Campaign: The Most Valuable Heroes Builder (MVHB)

?Venue: Zombie World Z (zombieworldz.io)

?Whitelist Opens: 10:00 AM, Dec 10 (UTC)

?Whitelist Closes: 10:00 AM , 14th DEC (UTC)

?Winner announcement: 4PM, 14th DEC (UTC)

?The Most Valuable Heroes Builder (MVHB) Round Timeline

?JOIN POOL opens: 4AM UTC, 15th DEC

?JOIN POOL closes: 2PM UTC, 15th DEC

?Price per $ZWZ: $0.0125

?Total amount: $50,000 equivalent to 4,000,000 ZWZ tokens

?Total number of MVWB whitelist winner: 2000 users (1000 participants can have allocation in FCFS format, 50 BUSD for each)

? Allocation for each ticket: 50 BUSD equivalent to 4000 ZWZ

?Listing: TBA

?Claiming on zombieworldz.io : 30 minutes after listing ( the guidance how to join and claim will release soon)

?Vesting: Unlock 6% at TGE, 2 months lock up, then linear monthly vesting in 18 months

‼️NOTE: Anyone who wants to join the MVHB campaign must complete tasks given by the following Telegram BOT for a chance to be whitelisted.

2️⃣How to join

✅ Chat with the @ZWZ_BOT on Telegram

✅ Enter “/start” and follow the instructions given:

✅ Bind your Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 address (non-exchange) with bot, your unique referral link will appear right after

✅ Ask or invite your crypto buddies to join by clicking on your unique referral link. Each valid invitee is counted as point

✅ To make your invitee count, your invitee needs to finish all the tasks and bind their twitter accounts.


For each of the tasks in the bot, users will get +1 point upon completion. Zombie World Z will reward 2,000 MVHB tickets to the top 2,000 participants with the highest total points.

Among 2,000 whitelisted addresses, only 1000 people are able to join ZwZ Private Round based on the First Come First Served Rule.

3️⃣ Winner list announcement

?We will announce the whitelist winners after the whitelisting process closes at 4PM, DEC 14 (UTC).

?JOIN POOL opens: 4AM, Dec 15 (UTC)

?JOIN POOL closes: 2PM, Dec 15 (UTC)

About Zombie World Z

Zombie World Z is upgraded and developed based on Zombie Idle Defense – a successful and established game in the market. Currently, the publisher has transformed the upgrade by applying blockchain technology and metaverse to game mining in a new aspect with a game economy tied to Tokens and blockchain on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

❤️‍?Let’s visit the following websites and follow to stay up to date with the latest game news!

+ Website: https://zombieworldz.io

+ Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/zombieworldz

+ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZWZ_Official

+ Channel: https://t.me/zombieworldz

+ Group telegram: https://t.me/zombieworldz_official

+ Discord: https://discord.gg/zombieworldz

+ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVnNCBZu0e3qGyJI-PwDVHg

+ Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@zombieworldz.official

+ Medium: https://medium.com/@zombieworldz.official


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