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Zeitgeist Beta App Awareness Whitelist Campaign

Zeitgeist Beta App Awareness Campaign

We are incredibly excited to introduce the Zeitgeist Beta app! In celebration, we’re giving everyone the chance to earn a limited edition Beta App NFT ticket.

What is a Beta App NFT ticket?

Zeitgeist is taking a unique approach to entry for our Beta App; whereby participants are required to purchase an exclusive Zeitgeist NFT in order to gain access. This method ensures that only those with sincere interest in our protocol participate in our Beta phase.

There will be 3 separate ‘drop days’ during which you can mint a Beta App NFT ticket through our sale portal here.

First Mint: Oct. 11th 2021

Second Mint:  Oct 18th 2021

Third Mint: Oct 25th 2021

The goal of this Gleam awareness campaign:

We want to spread the word about our Beta App far and wide, and make sure we give anyone who is interested the chance to get a NFT access ticket before they sell out. We’ve therefore created this Gleam campaign to help raise awareness via referrals and direct interested people towards the NFT purchase portal.

How to participate:

​Gleam campaigns are all about earning “points”. The more points you accumulate, the more you increase your chances of winning. Since this campaign is all about raising awareness for Zeitgeist Beta, we have weighted the available points in favor of referrals, but it is still important to complete as many steps as possible to have the highest chance to win!



On the 2nd and 3rd ‘Mint Dates’ we will do a drawing for 25 Limited Edition Beta App NFT Tickets to distribute to participants in the Gleam Awareness Campaign. These tickets will be part of the special ‘Hierophant Collection’ and can only be obtained by participating in this campaign!
The more points you have accumulated in this Gleam Awareness Campaign, the more chance you have to win one!



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