XANA Public SHO Whitelist on DAOMaker

🔥 XANA is an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse. Compatible with all popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands ❗️

JOIN WHITELIST: https://daomaker.com/company/xana/LPgXyWeb7B

📌 Registrations are opened to anyone with more than $2500 worth of tokens in their wallet 👉 See Rules

🏢Major Adoptions:
– Tokyo Olympic koto museum 2020.
– Unicorn award Milan Fashion week 2021.
– NFT Art Award 2021 with Fuji Sankei Group.

What Makes Xana Unique?

What Technologies Does Xana Use?

Who Are Investors And Partners Of Xana?

  • J&J: Joint venture of Japan’s largest tourism company JTB (100b$ yearly revenue) and JCB the, Japan’s largest credit card company with 285 Billion$ annual volume, 141 Million Users worldwide
  • Milan Fashion Week Unicorn fashion award: World top fashion event (collaborated last year in our Metaverse)
  • FCC: The Japanese most giant TV Fuji TV’s content creation company
  • Tokyo Koto: Award in Tokyo city produced Tokyo Olympic museum with XANA
  • Tottori: A Prefecture of Japan officially partnered with XANA
  • Model Press: The Japanese largest media with 1.2b Twitter PV + 100m site PV
  • ULTRAMAN: No.1 Netflix anime of the year 2019, Season 2 on 10th Apr 2022
  • Hero’s: One of the most known Japanese Manga publisher
  • GOZ: Animator from One Piece / Pokemon / Demon Slayer
  • DAO Maker: No.1 IDO platform in the world
  • Reblock: Korean top blockchain marketing company
  • PonyCanyon: One of the top Record Label in Japan
  • FINEPLAY: Japan’s No.1 Sports media
  • GODs Flame: Taiwan’s leading game company with 20M user base (listed in Taiwanese stock market)
  • BANK: One of china’s largest NFT Platform
Price Fundraised Lock-up
$0.0064 1,600,000 4% at TGE, 120 days cliff then linear vesting over 32 months
$0.01 3,000,000 10% at TGE, 120 days cliff then linear vesting over 30 months
Public Sale
$0.01 1,000,000 10% at TGE, 120 days cliff then monthly vesting over 30 months

🌐 XANA 👇
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📱XANA Metaverse App (Alpha)
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🍀 Good Luck to all Whitelist Alert Family 🍀



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