XANA Private Sale Whitelist

? XANA is introducing Alpha Pass NFTs and Private Sale Whitelist for its regional communities around the world ❗️

JOIN WHITELIST: https://share-w.in/3bci6o-54877

? Token price: $0.05
? Winners: 100
?Allocation per winner: $100
? Whitelist until: 23:00 UTC May 9
? Vesting: 20% at TGE, 3-month cliff, then quarterly over 15 months

? When you win a whitelist, you will receive an email notification.

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? Keep in mind ?
XANA IDO will only be on DAOMaker and GAMEFI ‼️


XANA recently announced its Global Campaign for Private Sale Whitelist slots and Alpha Pass NFT distribution to its worldwide community. Now, XANA is taking it a step forward and supporting  its regional communities in different parts of the world. The Regional Campaign will include 5 additional Private Sale Whitelist slots, and 10 Alpha Pass NFTs that will be distributed to XANA’s different regional communities. Each pass will have a serial number as a proof that people possessing it can get early access to all features.

The amount allocated to the winners of the Regional Whitelist campaign will be $100 from XANA’s private sale. The Regional community campaign  is an effort to recognize and encourage the regional members to become a part of the XANA journey. XANA aims to become a global brand that has strong roots in various regions.

The Regional Campaigns will begin on March 1st, so make sure to keep that date in mind!

XANA Private Sale Whitelist for Regional Communities

The Regional Campaign is a special event which allows 5 active community members from each of XANA’s regional communities to be whitelisted for XANA’s Private Sale every month. Those who are selected, and whitelisted for XANA’s Private Sale will be given a $100 allocation.

Starting from March 1st, every month, 5 Private Sale slots will be distributed to each of XANA’s regional communities  until the Token Generation Event (TGE). This means if you didn’t win in the first month don’t be discouraged, just get more active and engaged in your region’s community, so that you win the following month.

Alpha Pass NFT Distribution for Regional Communities

Starting from March 1st, every month, 10 lucky active members from each of XANA’s regional communities will receive an Alpha Pass NFT. The campaign will continue to distribute the Alpha Pass NFTs for as long as XANA’s metaverse is in the Alpha stage.

The XANA Alpha Pass is an opportunity for certain users to be the first ones to experience the exclusive metaverse features like avatar customization, advanced social interaction gestures, exploration, and trying out different games and activities in XANA. The Alpha Pass has a unique meta tag, and as long as you have it in your wallet you will gain access to these special perks.

Without the pass, users can still access XANA’s public alpha but will not be able to access the premium features. They will be able to pick the pre-set 3D humanoid models called Avatars but not customize them according to their choice. On the other hand, Alpha Pass holders can fully customize their avatars through Wearable digital assets represented by NFTs.

Non-Alpha Pass users can also interact with other users in the XANA metaverse, and carry out various activities in the digital world with them through their Avatars. XANA is an immersive environment where your avatars can perform different activities using a wide range of animations. It also allows users to participate in the Play-to-Earn ecosystem through its TCG NFT Duel.

Rules and Qualifications

All those who wish to participate in the Whitelisting process must follow these rules and guidelines:

  1. All those interested are required to fill out the given form to become a part of the campaign.
  2. All community members will be allowed to win one Whitelist slot and Alpha Pass NFT from the Regional Campaign. This is done to ensure an equitable distribution amongst all members.
  3. The interested community members must engage regularly and consistently on one of XANA’s regional Telegram groups.
  4. Engaging with XANA’s official Twitter community is recommended, and will increase your chances of winning.
  5. The community members participating in the regional campaign can also take part in the Global Campaign, and get an opportunity to win at both Campaigns once.

The Regional Campaign for XANA Alpha Pass NFTs and Private Sale Whitelist will encourage the local community to come forward and become a part of the XANA journey. It is just the beginning of an exciting journey of the XANA metaverse, which will reach amazing heights in future.

Stay tuned to our official Twitter, Discord, and Telegram communities to know the latest updates and announcements.

? Good Luck to all Whitelist Alert Family! ?


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