XANA Presale Whitelist and the Alpha Pass NFTs Round 2

?XANA Presale Whitelist and the Alpha Pass NFTs Round 2 are Now Available!?

They are selecting top community members for

1️⃣ $XETA Private sale allocation
2️⃣ Metaverse Alpha pass NFTdrop

JOIN WHITELIST: https://share-w.in/fwf1fh-51873

100 of the most engaged, and active community members will win a $XETA $100 private sale allocation. 300 of the most consistently active community members will be chosen for metaverse Alpha pass NFTs.

This is the 2nd round of selection. The winners of this round will be selected by the beginning of next month, as we will run this until $XETA’s public sale.

✅ Fill the form: https://share-w.in/fwf1fh-51873
✅ Need to engage actively, and regularly on #ANA’s official Telegram, Discord and Twitter etc.
✅ Spamming, and making unrelated discussions will be penalized or even disqualified?‍♂️

? XANA Links
Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram ? | Telegram
Let’s go!?



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