Whitelisting for the Wanaka Farm R-IDO is now open on DuckSTARTER!

Wanaka Farm DuckSTARTER — Refundable-IDO

Whitelisting for the Wanaka Farm R-IDO is now open on DuckSTARTER! ???

Wanaka Farm Public Sale Details

  • Open date: Sunday, 22nd August 2021
  • Close date: Friday, 27th August 2021 @ 2 pm UTC
  • Public offering date: Sunday, 29th August 2021 @ 2 pm UTC

Whitelist form: https://duckstarter.io/whitelist-form/wanakafarm

DuckSTARTER pool: (The article will be updated once the pool is active)

Binance Smart Chain Launch

  • Total Allocation: $95,000
  • Price Per Token: $0.04 per $WANA
  • Total $WANA tokens Available: 2,375,000 $WANA
  • Restricted Countries: USA and U.S. Territories, Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, and North Sudan
  • Total Seats: 281 + Wanaka Community Round
  • Method: Batch Lottery on Binance Smart Chain


The Wanaka Farm IDO will feature a vesting period of 7 months starting with an initial token release of 30%, followed by a monthly 10% token release for the next seven months.

Total Raised: $95,000 USDC
Total Tokens: 2,375,000 $WANA

Distribution Plan:

29 August 2021 — 750,000 $WANA (30%)
29 September 2021 — 250,000 $WANA (10%)
29 October 2021 — 250,000 $WANA (10%)
29 November 2021 — 250,000 $WANA (10%)
29 December 2021 — 250,000 $WANA (10%)
29 January 2022 — 250,000 $WANA (10%)
28 February 2022 — 250,000 $WANA (10%)
29 March 2022 —250,000 $WANA (10%)

Wanaka Farm Community Round

As part of the strategic partnership with Wanaka Farms, DuckSTARTER has agreed to host a community round for the Wanaka Farm community to the value of $10,000 USDC with a limit of $50 per person.

The Wanaka Farm Community round will be subject to the same set of rules as required by regular DuckSTARTER users, with the exception of a DuckTier. Users will be whitelisted by the Wanaka Farm project, verified by DuckSTARTER, and included in the Tier 0 whitelist.

The allocation for the community round is included in the above-mentioned fundraising and distribution details.

About Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm is a decentralized and blockchain-based farm NFT game where users assume the role of farmer characters to interact with a beautiful digital farm landscape — each farmer has the ability to grow both their pets and the surrounding environment in which they live.

Players can purchase seeds to grow their crops, while also buying other pets to help grow their livestock through breeding. The inspiration behind the in-game environment was taken from Wanaka, a lovely, quiet, and colorful town located in South Island, New Zealand.

There’s also a trading market where users can exchange their harvested items, including crops, seeds, and various farm animals — each item is represented by an NFT, harnessing the true power of blockchain to provide proof of ownership and uniqueness to each asset.

The native token $WANA helps keep the entire Wanaka ecosystem afloat, while also providing players with lucrative reward opportunities.

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