Whitelist Alert Premium Card NFT Sale, 100 NFTs only!

Whitelist Alert offers promotions to all the new IDO, IEO, private sale, presale, public sale whitelist programs for new crypto projects.

We have over 0.5M+ monthly visits. Most of our users are from the USA, Asia, and Europe.

100s+ projects have already successfully used our promotion options and increased their ICO sales, now It’s your turn. Prices are indicated in USD. You can pay us in all major cryptocurrencies example BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD, and many more.

Whitelist Alert Premium Card NFT on Rarrible

Link to buy: Premium Card NFT

Chain: Polygon (Matic)

Price: The floor price is 100 Matic (60$).

Whitelist Alert Premium Card NFT.

100 NFTs only.

The owner will get following benefits:
– Chance to whitelisted on IDO, IEO, INO, private sales program on new crypto projects.
Guaranteed allocation on our partners, such as Dao Maker, BSC Station, Raydium, Polkastarter, Seedify, Impossible Finance & Solanium.
– NFT Airdrops
– New tokens
– Early whitelist alerts
– Submit the new whitelist program for free

How it works

With every whitelist program for IDO, IEO, INO, Private sales, public sales on new projects which partner with Whitelist Alerts or on any launchpads, we will randomly choose 1 or some wallets which own NFT (lottery program) and use it to run the whitelist program, to make sure chosen wallets will be whitelisted.

This is not only for 1 month or 1 year, it is forever.



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