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Wasted Lands IDO & INO Community Whitelist on Infinitelaunch

The Wasted Lands – A Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game – NFT play to earn game.

Wasted Lands IDO & INO Whitelist on Infinitelaunch

To celebrate The Wasted Lands IDO & INO on Infinitelaunch, we are giving whitelist slots for our community

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/mhE5M8

✴️ All valid participants will be whitelisted to join INO on 12th Dec

✴️ Top 400 referrers will be chosen for IDO whitelist slots on 15th Dec

🕰️ From 30th Nov to 8th Dec


1. Follow The Wasted Lands & Infinite Launch twitter

2. Retweet pinned post of The Wasted Lands

3. Join the telegram groups of The Wasted Lands & Infinite Launch twitter

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5. Join discord of The Wasted Lands & Infinite Launch twitter

6. Add $ILA to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap

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📜 The results will be announced on 10th December

About Wasted Lands

Overview of the Wasted Lands Game

The game is built around a new world created by the strongest terrorist organization scientists who successfully invented a virus to create human mutation. The goal is to form a new human race with superior physicality, intelligence, and supernatural abilities.

Gamers in this new world are required to defend themselves. They are to gather warriors and explore the new world of disorder and fury while building communities, shelters, vehicles, and equipment to survive

In-game Currencies

The Wasted Lands uses two tokens in its ecosystem – $WAL and $WAS. $WAL is the primary governance token and is used for capturing the value of the game project. $WAS on the other hand will be used for in-game rewards. Players will be able to use the $WAL to buy and rent NFT warriors, stake to earn more rewards, buy exclusive merchandise, and auction for various NFT game assets.

The token can also be used to fuse and breed a new generation of NFT warriors, get rewards for game tournaments and PvP, and vote for teams to gain more game benefits. The game has three game modes, which are PvP mode, PvE mode, and Mating.

Telegram: t.me/TheWastedLands  

Discord: discord.gg/thewastedlands



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