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Waggle Network IDO Whitelist on Solanium

Waggle enables retail investors to participate in primary market investments while providing project teams additional liquidity for the continuity of their innovations.

Waggle Network IDO Whitelist on Solanium

Staking Pool

Majority of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to Staking Pool tickets. You can only get Staking Pool tickets by staking SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens. Increase your Staking Pool tickets by increasing your token stake or extending your lock time.

Link to apply: https://www.solanium.io/project/waggle-network/

Social Pool

A small percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool. You can collect Social Tickets by performing various social tasks.

About Waggle Network

About Waggle

Waggle is a permissionless marketplace built for multi-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital post-IDO on a decentralized environment based on Solana.

Waggle curates a public-facing marketplace interface which facilitates locked tokens trading activities. With Waggle, decentralized projects will be able to raise capital from their community, and users will be able to participate in community fundraising rounds in a secure and compliant environment and access opportunities previously only available to institutional players.

Waggle seeks to build a future that is decentralized, efficient, and empowering.


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Waggle Market – This is a chain agnostic marketplace for projects to list and conduct fundraising from the Waggle Community.

Waggle Dashboard – Users can view their crypto assets across supported chains or participate in our WAG Staking 3.0 initiative through our all-in-one dashboard.

Waggle Vault – Users can eventually farm form a basket of tokens from.


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Q3/Q4, 2021

Completion of Waggle Market and Waggle Dashboard

Seed Fundraising and Airdrop Event

Token Launch and Listing

Token Staking Initiative Launch

Implementation on BSC, Ethereum, and Solana

Q1, 2022

Implement on-chain trading of rights to vestng tokens among Waggle token holders

Q2, 2022

Implement Liquidity Mining programmes for tokens listed on Waggle Market

Q3, 2022

Implement Waggle Vault & Strategy Toolkit to help users design and implement yield strategies


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Community – 30.0%

Monthly linear vesting over 12 months – Released in yield farming, strategic incentives, ranking rewards, etc.

Ecosystem Fund – 20.0%

Monthly linear vesting over 20 months – Reserve to be deployed for ecosystem investments

Marketing, Listing, etc. – 9.0%

Monthly linear vesting over 12 months – To be deployed for marketing, listing, and miscellaneous expenditures

Public Sale – 1.0%

100% unlocked at TGE

Fundraising (Seed) – 20.0%

10% at TGE; then 22.5% quarterly vesting thereafter (fully unlocked in 12 months)

Team – 15.0%

0% unlocked at TGE; 6 months cliff then 12.5% quarterly vesting thereafter (fully unlocked in 24 months)

Advisor – 5.0%

0% unlocked at TGE; 6 months cliff then 12.5% quarterly vesting thereafter (fully unlocked in 24 months)


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Media Partners

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Strategic Partnership

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