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USX Quantum Presale Whitelist

The USX quantum project is an evolution of the unified society platform, working towards creating the first quantum computer encrypted blockchains that will greatly benefit the entirety of existing and future blockchains. We aim towards creating our own quantum computers that will be used for the main-interest of the blockchain industry.

USX Quantum Presale Whitelist

JOIN AT: https://gleam.io/GDsTj/usx-quantum-whitelist

USX Quantum Presale Whitelist Event
Join Our $USX Presale Whitelist and giveaway Event! 🎉🎉

39 subscribers will win 100 usx $3.5
50 subscribers will win 500 usx $17.50

10 lucky subscribers will win 10,000 USX each $350

1 Lucky subscriber will win 250k USX $10000

The USX Quantum $USX Presale Date will be MARCH 20th, 2022.
Whitelist competition winners will be able to participate in the upcoming presale event.
10 lucky winners from every round will have a guaranteed spot in the presale. The rest will be selected from our Discord server. Make sure to join in!
Good luck to everyone! 🥳
Make sure to provide your BEP-20 address that you want to use for the presale event.
Join our community for an exciting adventure! 🤩🤩

About USX Quantum

With thousands of distinct projects offering a vast array of products, solutions, innovations, and other promising technologies, Unified Society Quantum will act as a gateway to the quantum world. Connecting, securing, and empowering all networks to continue innovating while retaining quantum supremacy. USX’s mission is to unite the cryptocurrency community through education and collaboration with researchers and developers to secure and develop the future of quantum-based blockchains. We are living in the quantum era’s infancy. USX will create blockchain quantum encryption by leveraging the power of quantum computers. This paves the way for transactions faster than the speed of light, which we will require in the future of space exploration, industry 4.0, and beyond. A unified society capable of laying the groundwork for the next generation of encryption. We will leverage existing projects to acquire and develop the necessary technology. With a strong community, committed team members, and contributors, we are well on our way to success. One of the primary goals is to create a free premium educational De-Fi platform where anyone on the planet can learn about a variety of subjects. Physics, chemistry, and computer science are just a few examples. We will provide an exceptional education to each user, thereby fostering future generations dedicated to the research and development of quantum-based blockchains. A platform that will enable students, developers, researchers, and ordinary citizens to escape poverty and pursue their dreams. Creating a more sociable and friendly ecosystem for the benefit of humanity. Please view the whitepaper to view the entire information.


We are always open and welcome to questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please contact us at Team@unifiedsociety.org

Website: https://www.quantumcode.org/



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