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Unslashed Finance USF CVO Whitelist on SOLV

Unslashed is a decentralized insurance protocol covering all common risks for crypto assets. Unslashed enables almost instant liquidity to insurance buyers and risk underwriters, ensures constant collateralization, and guarantees transparency through an unbiased claims process. By tokenizing coverage and using “money streaming,” it allows maximum flexibility and freedom: the insured pay as they go and can instantly stop the policy to offload it at any time.

Unslashed Finance USF CVO Whitelist

CVO = Convertible Voucher Offering

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/JJYSnp

Details of $USF Whitelist Campaign
👩🏻‍ Total Winners: 800
👑 Each Winner can purchase: $1w – 100w
⏰ Whitelisting Start date:Jan 21st, 2022
⏰ Whitelisting End Date: Jan 28th, 2022
Details of USF Convertible Voucher Offering
👑 Total value: 1 million USDT
⏰Offering start date: : (UTC) Jan 29, 2022
💰 APR: 8%
💰 Bond range: 1/4 average price ~ 6X average price (the average price will be set up by Unslashed)
⏰ Maturity date (UTC): April 29, 2022
✨Learn more about Convertible VoucherWe will announce winners on Twitter and send a confirmation email to the winners

  • Complete more referrals and tasks in order to have a better chance of securing a whitelist spot
  • Any cheating or use of bots will be disqualified immediately
  • Please note securing a spot on the whitelist means you can participate in the Convertible Voucher Offering but it does not guarantee an allocation – Convertible Voucher Offering will be first come, first served.

About Unslashed Finance USF


A high level description of the protocol and the participants
Unslashed Finance offers coverage for a wide range of products, markets, and protocols. This coverage and protection is purchased by the user and is insured through other protocol participants that supply the capital.

The protocol relies on the Unslashed DAO for the different protocol and policy parameters, it also leverages an integration with Enzyme for the Asset Management side and an integration with Kleros for Independent Claims Assessments.

Market data

The market data and information of $USF token can be found via these sites.



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