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Troverse Trailer Pre Sale Whitelist

Troverse is The first official trailer of Troverse is finally here and we decided to run our biggest giveaway round in celebration of dropping it . Watch & share the Trailer with your friends in this contest and have a chance to win a PLANET NFT or a WL spot!

Troverse Trailer Pre Sale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/xfxW86

To participate, you must:

✔️ Fill out the form and complete all tasks
✔️ 200x Pre-sale WL Spots & 3x Planet NFTs
✔️ Stay tuned friends and good luck!

📆 Deadline – January 16, 2022

The first official trailer of Troverse is finally here and we decided to run our biggest giveaway round in celebration of dropping it 🧡

Watch & share the Trailer with your friends in this contest and have a chance to win a PLANET NFT or a WL spot!


💎🌎 3x Troverse Planet NFTs 🌎💎

🚀 200x Pre-sale WL Spots 🚀

About Troverse

What is Troverse?

Leveraging the power of the Ethereum network and blockchain technology, Troverse is designed to be the ultimate NFT Collectibles and Play-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming experience with the primary goal of rewarding both collectors and players with its exclusive earning solutions and mechanics.

Troverse will send you on an enthralling adventure into a new world, beyond belief yet true to life. A vast living, breathing world full of wonders, rewards and collectibles plays in a third-person space exploration-survival game, set in an open-world galaxy of 10,000 unique, procedurally-generated planets. Our game development experience and expertise have been fused with Unreal Engine’s cutting-edge technologies to bring top-notch, AAA-looking visuals to blockchain gaming.

We want it to be where the fun and challenge of treasure hunting meets the power of blockchain gaming in an ever-rewarding metaverse where collectibles and treasures have real-world values, and efforts and skills turn into assets and earnings.

Like everyone in the crypto space, we got highly fascinated to see how blockchain is changing the world, especially our beloved gaming industry. We believe gaming needs a huge change in the landscape, and we share a vision and passion for accelerating the movement. It’s fantastic if you feel the same way; we are lucky to have you here!

A Massive Persistent World to Travel

The vast world of Troverse is composed of hundreds of star systems persistently spread all across the Galaxy. Each one is home to several planets they host.The Galaxy of Troverse


Planets will be the most coveted, prestigious, and valuable NFT collectibles and rarest items in existence in the world of Troverse — there are only 10,000 planets available. Each planet is an ERC-721 token and has distinct visuals and attributes with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Beyond NFTs — Your Home in the Metaverse

Unlike many other NFT collections, Troverse’s planets are not just static pictures without utilities, but are real, giant, 3D planets that actually exist in the game. Beyond owning state-of-the-art collectible planets, the owners are making history by acquiring the most important part of the game’s universe. So instead of having a screenshot or owning a small-scale land parcel, you can make a whole planet your home in the metaverse.

To maximize this potential, in the upcoming stages of development and sales, we will be mainly focusing on the planets, as they are vital to the ecosystem of Troverse and have pivotal roles in the gameplay. Planets are where players travel and explore to find collectibles, equipment blueprints, raw resources, rare skins and cosmetic NFTs.

The Generation

There are no two identical planets in the Galaxy. Hundreds of traits and attributes in dozens of categories — from atmosphere, surface materials and biomes to the temperature, size and gravity — can produce tens of millions of unique variations, but the master algorithm only generates the 10,000 most unique of them! While some attributes are cosmetics, most of them will directly impact the gameplay and how players will explore and survive each planet, as well as the types and amount of resources they discover and gather. It will require different equipment and technologies for different situations.

For instance, imagine how liveable an Earth-like planet will be, full of edible sources of food and drinkable water compared to a scorched or toxic planet, but who can say which one holds better resources? Or which one hosts dangerous hostile wildlife? You should explore it for yourself!

As we are hard at work to finish the generation of the planets, we ourselves are super excited to discover the wonders that Troverse will hold on its planets.

Join the Community

If you’re an NFT collector, an avid gamer, crypto enthusiast, space lover, crypto investor, or just a blockchain fan, you will love Troverse and we love to have you in the community! Join us now to build it together.

Follow us on Twitter, and Join our Discord channel:

⇒ https://www.troverse.io



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