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Trantorian Whitelist

🔥 Trantorian is a blockchain 3D space exploration, battle, economic and civilization development NFT based game situated on a persistent, ever growing metaverse.
🔥 The gameplay brings a combination of genres such as RPG with 4X games. Making Trantorian a one of a kind game.

🔥 Trantorian will launch on the @Algorand blockchain! ⇒ Why?

✅ JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/STj5s5

🔥 Lottery! Origin spaceship NFTs whitelist for early backers! We just launched a Gleam campaign with 250 winners to secure a spot on the unique origin spaceships pre-sale. Help us spread the word and be part of the beginnings of the Trantorian metaverse.

🚀 Different play styles
Play as a Fleet Commander by owning NFT Spaceships and/or as a Space Tycoon by acquiring NFT Land Rights for NFT Planetary Systems.
Both paths allow you to become part of the birth and growth of this new, unexplored universe.
🚀 NFT assets
Game assets such as spaceships, spaceship blueprints, land rights, and crew members are NFT stored in the blockchain for which you have full and complete ownership. Planetary Systems are also NFT but initially, will not be owned by players. This is something the DAO, in the future, can vote and change. We already have drafted some proposals for the community to analyze.
🚀 Role-based combat
Create a fleet of spaceships with specific roles that resemble those RPG games we all love. Such as your melee and ranged DPS, tanks and support units but on a space theme game. Even the old sneaky stealth rogues or assassins type of units.
🚀 Custom Content
All the content is being created by our concept artists and creatives. Every race, spaceship and spaceport has a rationale behind it. And it fits within a story.
🚀 A thrilling story
The game has a profound and exciting lore that will be unravelled as the game progresses. A deep lore as the ones we were used to enjoying.
🔥 Join early and become part of this exciting journey.
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