TiFi Token Presale Whitelist

TiFi – The Integrated Finance for Allverse

TiFi /taifai/ , was built by a group of talented engineers at Silicon Valley. Everyone in TiFi believes technology can build a fantastic world that beyond imagination. Bridging the metaverse and universe is the fundamental task that makes people trust and achieve in both worlds. Here we started the journey …

TiFi Token Presale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://tifi.net/presale/account/register

  • Start Time: March 21 2022, 00:00 UTC
  • End Time: April 18, 2022, 00:00 UTC
  • Presale Rate: 100000000000 TIFI / BNB
  • Listing Rate: 90000000000 TIFI / BNB
  • Liquidity Percent: 80%

TiFi Token Presale will start on March 21 ! Join the whitelist by registering on https://tifi.net/presale/account/register. There are no campaign required!

TiFi token presale is whitelisted presale to give exclusive price to buy $TIFI.

The whitelist protects trading security from trade bots and prevents big whales that may manipulate the price.

There are two ways to get whitelisted:

  • Register with above link, then you are enrolled for whitelisting lottery and we will select 50 addresses every day and send you email for confirmation once you are selected.
  • Follow TiFi Token on Twitter, retweet or share one of the announcements of TiFi Token and message your wallet address privately along with the shared post link to @TiFiToken on Twitter, then we will add you to the presale whitelist and reply confirmation.

Contact presale@tifi.net if you have any questions.

Also join TiFi Token telegram group to get more updates!

  • Everyone can request to join whitelist before presale end.
  • Once presale link is alive, every owner of whitelested address will be notified of comfirming joining whitelist within 24 hours.
  • We will host presale events in our community, please join and check: TiFi Token Telegram Group and TiFi Token中文社区.
  • We are also welcoming influencers to engage in our presale event. If you are interested in promoting TiFi Token or want to be our partner, please contact hi@tifi.net.

About TiFi

$TIFI is an innovative decentralized crypto token that builds the solution for allverse finance – finance ecosystem for the domain that unites metaverse and universe!$TIFI is the first token that offers “cash-back” reward on transactions, when you transfer token to others, you will get 1% of “cash-back” .$TIFI also redistribute reflection rewards to all holders, plus auto burn  to prevent inflation!


Transfering Reward = 1 %

Every holder can get 1% of tokens back when transferring tokens to another wallet, which stimulates TiFi token as a payment cryptocurrency.

Reflection Reward ≥ 0.6 %

A portion of transaction volume (1.2% for selling tokens and 0.6% for other cases) will be distributed to every TiFi token holder. You will get the reward by the token shares ratio among all shareholders.

Burning Rate ≥ 0.2 %

A small portion of transaction volume (0.4% for selling tokens and 0.2% for other cases) will be burnt to boost TiFi token value. And the total supply will keep reducing.

Staking Preserve Rate ≥ 0.2 %

A small portion of transaction volume will be withheld by TiFi Bank which is for paying the staking rewards. All rewards are paid without minting new tokens in order to prevent inflation.

Low Gas Fee

Since the TiFi smart contract is running on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), the gas fee is much lower than the transactions on Ethereum Network.

Liquidity Pool Locked

The Liquidity Pool for TiFi token is locked to keep the value of TiFi token in holder’s wallets while rewards are still being gained.

TiFi Ecosystem

TiFi Token: The decentralized token that encourage trading and hodling by earning rewards.

DEX: Decentralized Exchange platform enables customers to exchange cryptocurrency smoothly and earn more rewards!

Mobile Apps: Provide the best user experiences to explore TiFi Ecosystem, bridge metaverse and universe.

NFT: We want to make every digital asset in allverse has its value. It will be the trust place for creation and sharing.


March 2022

Launch TiFi Website: Launched

Marketing: In-Progress

Release TiFi Token on BSC: In-Progress

TiFi Audited by CertiK: In-Progress

TiFi Token Presale: In-Progress

April – June 2022

List TiFi Token on Major Exchange: Planned

List TiFi Token on CG and CMC: Planned

Marketing: Planned

July – September 2022

TiFi Bank v1 goes alive: boosted staking rewards plus reflection: Planned

TiFi Bank v2 goes alive: decentralized exchange platform: Planned


After September 2022 (Planning …)

TiFi NFT Products, Mobile Apps and more …


Website: https://tifi.net/


Audit Report (Audited and KYC’ed by CertiK): https://tifi.net/about/CertiK_TiFiTokenAuditReport.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TiFiToken

Telegram: https://t.me/tifi_token

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TiFiToken

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TiFiToken

Email: presale@tifi.net


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