The Parallel Share2Earn Program on RADA

The Parallel – An Infinite Metaverse. The Parallel is an Infinite Metaverse where players have limitless ability to create everything and anything. The Parallel has huge potential.

The Parallel Share2Earn Program on RADA

The Parallel will be the new blockbuster project in the world of Metaverse. Join #Share2Earn to receive investment chances with me. #gamefi #Metaverse #launchpad #angellist #dao

Very interested in the Metaverse game #TheParallel with a team of young, dynamic and experienced teams. They are partnered with #RADA to provide IDO whitelist opportunities!


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About The Parallel

The Parallel is an Infinite Metaverse where players have limitless ability to create everything and anything. A magical place that will grow infinitely as users can come together to build their dreams. There’s truly no limit to creativity – but make sure you get in there first in case someone else has been visited by the same muse, it would be a shame for your idea to be claimed first by someone else! Plus, own your unique NFTs and protect them with the groundbreaking Hydra system. It’s one of the most promising and highest potential Metaverse projects to come out of the booming Vietnam industry and pioneers the enjoy2earn model, an emerging area of #play2earn.

Come together in the first real connected Metaverse Experience where the user is not limited whatsoever by the world they are in, but instead have access to a limitless player-content-created parallel universe of worlds, each with their own unique storyline, community, governance, play modes, and socio-economic balance. Or build your own Metaverse piece-by-piece with your friends and polish your storyline as it manifests in the marvel that is The Parallel.  Unlike any other open-world online, The Parallel gives you customization from the start as you create your own character in the foundation game. Right from the very onset, you get to have your say.

Exceeding the customizability of Minecraft, players can develop a completely unique Metaverse within the world they are playing in. The Parallel has a distinct and independent economic system, characters, buildings, lands, guilds, and social systems all the way through to the democratic voting systems which are enabled by DAO and blockchain. The amount of control given to players is mind-blowing as they design, create and define everything including the gaming environment and all content in their own MetaVerse.

The Parallel even allows creators to bring in outside creativity tools and aren’t limited to the in-house creative tools. Essentially, the players, as designers and creators, are driving each individual metaverse narrative. This has “Creator’s Dream” written all over it. With long-reaching and exciting plans for 2022 and even 2023 (make sure to check out the Unique Selling Points section), The Parallel has huge potential.

Gamefi & Enjoy2Earn

Many will point to another game that could be compared to The Parallel that is also in development for blockchain-based gaming is the Sandbox. And there are definitely parallels to The Parallel.

  • Players craft their own items
  • Mint NFTs
  • Monetize them in the Sandbox marketplace
  • The SAND token is the governance token which can be used to stake for rewards, as does the Parallel Token (see more in the Product Review and Tokenomics sections).

The Parallel keeps all of these undeniably awesome features, but there are critical differences that are worth highlighting. Firstly, Sandbox does not allow you to have as much creative control:

  • There’s no cross-chain (this allows users to seamlessly interact with other blockchains, as well as imposes very high gas costs on the player)
  • It doesn’t allow game developers to use other tools (but forces the game dev kit on the developers)
  • It doesn’t give you NFT copyright as through the Hydra System

How To Earn In The Parallel

By joining The Parallel, players can benefit in the following ways:

Play2Earn (As a Player)

  • Players do operations to earn Runes and items. Players do daily and weekly quests to get rewards. Players can earn money by working as tenants on land owned by landlords.

Create2Earn (As a Creator)

  • Players can create Paragonsland, and high-value items to get rewards from special activities.
  • Players can profit from Paragon’s creative copyrights.


  • Players can rent out Paragons and/or rent out land for profit.


  • Players use added PRL Tokens into farming pools to make profits.


Players can use stake PRL or NFT Paragon to:

  • Earn Main Token –
  • Earn lottery tickets to participate in lucky draw events to buy lands.
  • Used cases will be updated in the future.


  • Players buy, sell, and trade through the Marketplace to earn profit.
Monetization Diagram Of Players
  • The Parallel leverages a complex, well-structured monetization program. Players can use BUSD and Farming to get PRL tokens and these can help perform a variety of actions.




Both of the tokens are BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain token standard.

Governance Token

Limited to a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, the PRL is the main token of The Parallel. The PRL Token plays a crucial part in the sustainable play2earn economy of The Parallel game and can be used for:

  • Staking
  • Farming
  • Transaction fees, Marketplace payments
  • Rewards for participating in special events
  • Crafting Paragons, buying items and lands
  • Providing liquidity on exchanges

Utility Token

Called the PS, there is an unlimited supply of this token and is used in-game activities. The PS can be used by players for:

  • In-game activity rewards
  • Crafting/uncrafting NFTs
  • Minting Paragon NFTs, Land, Items


With two different tokens, The Parallel lets players channel their creativity. Do you want to mint a new Paragon NFT? Buy lands? These tokens are vital.

Earn and Burn

In order to sustainably develop the economic system, the revenue will be redistributed as an incentive for active contributors in The Parallel ecosystem.

All players must participate in-game activities to receive rewards.

Once a decentralized governance board is established, the parameters and conditions for allocation to the different groups will be determined by the governing board and no centralized party can unilaterally control those aspects.

The Parallel‘s treasury revenue:

All transactions in the Paragon NFT market are subject to fees such as:

  • an NFT copyright registration fee
  • $PRL art of the ecosystem fee
  • Selling land and in-game consumables fee

In addition, there will be a fee when players want to craft NFT Paragons and Items.

Players have multiple options for earning tokens. When playing a casual game, you can earn PS tokens and Runes materials. Farming can get you PRL tokens, while staking PRL can earn PS tokens and Runes materials. Staking an NFT will earn you PRL tokens. There are also different options for trading:

  • on exchanges for tokens
  • in the Marketplace for NFTs, Runes, and Lands.

The PRL token is burned when crafting NFTs. Runes can also be used to craft NFTs, but also to uncraft NFTs – although you should know that there will be some loss of Runes from that process. The PS token is burned when buying consumable items and also crafting NFTs.


If you want to craft NFTs, you’re going to need tokens and Runes. Earn them from playing games, farming, staking PRLs and NFTs, and trading


Token Distribution

The 1,000,000,000 PRL tokens will be released in different stages with some available to Strategic Partners in advance, and for sale in private and public rounds. The total of PRL will be allocated into the following categories: Ecosystem growth, game rewards, advisors, team, liquidity, and marketing. The team behind The Parallel has ear-marked token issuance to continue for years into the future.


The Parallel’s Tokenomics are distributed in many different segments, including partners, advisors, public and private sales, and in-game rewards, to name a few.


Show me the money: With well-laid plans extending years into the future, the PRL token is a crucial governance token for The Parallel



While The Parallel is relatively recent in development (a fourth-quarter start in 2021), there is a clear plan for development reaching across all of 2022. In 2021, there is a token generation event, and to launch the landing page and earning feature. The foundation game to craft Paragons will get started and allow for submission to Paragon designs. Features to look forward to in 2022 include the launching of the Marketplace and the mining game which will later be extended into a new casual mining game.  Also, keep an eye out for the Land sale in the second quarter of 2022.

In the third quarter, there are plans to expand to AR and VR and integrate with game developers and entertainment companies. Remember those virtual concerts and sports events we talked about in the Introduction? That’s the time frame they’re planning for those kinds of projects to start…



Partners & Investors

As noted in the Roadmap section above, The Parallel is still a new project and will no doubt be gathering more partners and investors in the near future as its ground-breaking potential becomes known. At the time of writing, there are five partners including Kyber Network, RADA, COINCU, UB Ventures and Box Studio.

Kyber Network is a liquidity hub based on blockchain which connects different sources of liquidity to let trade crypto at the most competitive rates for any DApp (decentralized application).

A famous Angellist with global contributors, RADA connects:

  • Tech startups that need angel investors.
  • Seed funding.
  • Job-seekers looking to work at startups.


Parallel’s team is an international powerhouse with many members having over a decade of experience in the business. Pulling together experts in Blockchain and Fintech, Marketing and Gaming, VR/AR, Development, and Marketing, The Parallel has a core team that already have a track record of success.


Playing games is fundamentally a social activity at its best, which is also proven by the fact that the biggest and best AAA titles in the gaming industry all are based on the social dimension of playing together.

Metaverses truly offer that full finalization of the potential of playing together, interacting socially across wasted distances, countries, cultures, languages, and every other thinkable barrier. With Facebook’s recent name change to Meta and other prominent companies developing Metaverse versions – combined with the world naturally turning to online options due to the global pandemic – the Metaverse is set to explode across realities in the coming months. The Parallel’s release is timed perfectly to really take off, plus the plans for AR and VR in 2022 show the long-range plans are in place.

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