The Oocca Club Whitelist

The Oocca Club is a collection of 8,888 unique 3D digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Oocca Club

The Oocca Club is a unique 3D storytelling NFT project living on the Ethereum blockchain. The oocca club project consists of two NFT collections that are connected to each other.


The main collection (The Oocca Club) has a maximum supply of 8,888 unique programmatically generated oocca’s with amazing benefits and utilities for the holders. No new NFTs will be added in this collection.

The sub-collection (Oocca Club Artifacts) consists of various artifacts that play a major role in the future and can be used in combination with the ooccas in the main collection. In this collection, new artifacts can be added or destroyed, so the supply will always change.

Each Oocca NFT is unique and programmatically generated from over 51,000,000 possibilities and 75 traits, including headwear, wings, crystal orbs, colors and more. All Oocca’s are dainty, but some are rarer than others. The final render is 4000×4000 pixels to secure the high quality.

The oocca club NFT holders will get many holder benefits that will only grow in the future. Such as; Backed NFTs – DNA Staking – Cloning – Rewards – Full Commercial Rights – Access to all files – Future drops – Have a voice – Explore with us and more!

Story Summary

During the last known ice age the younger dryas, the four gods decided to do an experiment to create some kind of intelligence creature that would help them to rebuild earth and speed up the human civilization process. The gods collected as much DNA during the younger dryas from all kind of life forms including DNA strains from themselves. The result: The oocca’s, bird-like creatures with humanoid faces.

The ooccas lived in the sky where they built enormous cities above earth until this day. The Oocca’s are seen to be highly developed in terms of intelligence, and created their own city that is held up by powerful turbines. They also have their own language which makes strange squawking noises.

They had one mission, ”reinstallation flora and fauna on planet earth” their task was to give ancient wisdom such as tools, farming, building and knowledge to the people who survived the ice age, protect human civilization, and guard the animals.

From the cities in the sky they could observe the earth and take over the work of the four gods to guide the humans to further evolve into a new era, the so called bronze age and iron age. During these times the oocca’s shared their wisdom and tools which they received directly from the gods…..

The Oocca Club 8,888 Oocca’s are inspired by the recurring species in The Legend of Zelda series, but with there own storyline that will bring you back to points in history that until now are still an ancient mystery.

Join the Oocca Club in an adventures community based story telling collection to unveil the hidden secrets of our own history…



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