The Blockchain Monster Hunt BCMH Closed Beta Test Competition Whitelist

We have made note of the excitement and FOMO building within our community and we know how anxious you are to get a first-hand look at the fun and excitement of Blockchain Monster Hunt. As such, the BCMH team is happy to announce a Gleam contest in which 500 people will be selected for a Closed Beta Test of our game that is scheduled for October.


ABout  Blockchain Monster Hunt

Decentralized Gaming (DeGame) is the newest phenomenon in the digital world. Unlike Xbox games and the games on the Playstation consoles, DeGames reside on the blockchain, with the ability to earn forming an integral attraction for users. Despite its newness, DeGames have proven to have what it takes to take on the existing options, especially with the rapid evolution that is currently going on in space.

Notably, DeGames have a drawback as the majority of options around are monotonous, which can fuel boredom amongst players. This is a threat to the future of blockchain gaming as it can reduce the level of interest and mainstream adoption if left unchecked.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is set to take the industry by storm, with our sights firmly set on being a top 10 blockchain game. As the first cross chain game, our confidence stems from our tremendous experience in creating well-acclaimed blockchain games including the ChainGuardians RPG game. With its creative solutions, the development of DeGames has been placed on a new pedestal with calls on all game lovers to come to enjoy the experience it offers.

The functionality of the BCM gaming protocol, which allows an extensive amount of gamified validation block areas within its world, showcases the ingenuity of DeGames, with the underlying target to fuel user’s thrill and earning potential. With the protocol’s diverse reward system, a standard is being created for future game developments to follow in the assured evolution of the blockchain-based gaming world.


Closed Beta Test Competition

Not only will the winners of this competition have the chance to beat the rush and enjoy the entertaining gameplay of BCMH, but they’ll get a head start in building their collection of rare NFT monsters found in our metaverse. More competition info and requirements can be found below.

Competition Details

Of the 500 people chosen, 50 who register for Closed Beta will be selected at random. The remaining 450 people will be randomly selected from our Gleam contest which will require community members to complete a list of actions. Each action awards a certain amount of entry points, and the more points you have, the higher your chances are of being selected.

Further, 10 lucky participants will be selected to receive a 50 USDT airdrop!

Gleam Competition Actions & Entry Points


  1. Follow us on Twitter — 2 Points
  2. Join our Official TG Announcement Group — 2 Points
  3. Join our Official TG Group — 2 Points
  4. Join our official Discord Group — 2 Points
  5. Check out our YouTube Channel — 2 Points
  6. Visit BCMH on Medium — 2 Points
  7. Tweet us on Twitter and tag @BCMH in the post — 2 Points
  8. Retweet our BCMH Gleam competition Tweet — 2 Points
  9. Register for Closed Beta on our website — 2 points
  10. Bonus Entry! Share our contest with others via your share link through Gleam — 5 extra entries
  11. Bonus Entry! For completing actions 1 through 9, participants will receive 8 extra entries and 10 lucky winners among those with maximum Gleam entry points will be eligible to win 50 USDT (selected at random)

NOTE: Competition and registration for our beta both close September 28th


See You In October!

We wish all participants the best of luck and an early congratulations to the winners. Remember, sharing your contest link with others is an excellent way to build up your entry points and improve your chances of being selected. If you aren’t one of the randomly selected winners, don’t fret! There will be plenty of NFT monsters waiting to be caught when our full game is released. Hunting season is around the corner!

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