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The Animalia Public Sale Whitelist & NFT Referral Campaign

Animalia is an independent free-to-play online NFT trading card game featuring crypto-inspired meme creatures and gemstones.

The Animalia Public Sale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST:  https://wn.nr/hCH8Nn

🔥The Animalia $10,000 Public Whitelist & NFT Referral Campaign🔥



🏆 $10,000 in $ANIM Public Round Token allocation split between 200 Winners
🏆 5 NFTitans valued at $870 USDT Each



🏆 Top 5 Referrers win 1 NFT and $100 in allocation (Must be level 2)*
🏆 The next 100 users based on referral and shill points win $50 in allocation
🏆 The remaining 95 users will be drawn randomly to win $50 in allocation

Important Note

The Top 5 users must be level 2 in the Animalia Telegram community chat to claim their allocation. You must engage in conversation within the group in order to increase your level via Combot Telegram tracking! 

How to Participate

☑️Comment on the giveaway post and tag 3 friends

☑️Complete all mandatory gleam tasks

☑️Refer your friends to increase your chances

☑️Shill the Gleam link daily to increase your chances even further!

The More Entries You Gain, The Higher Your Odds of Victory!

Results & Distribution

Winners will be drawn and announced on the 21st of January

Top 5 referral winners and top 100 referral winners will be drawn manually for NFTs and allocation (Winners suspected of using bots will be disqualified).

Claiming and Contribution: 

After winners are announced, they will be required to complete KYC for their contribution wallet through our Synapse portal. The contribution details and wallet address will be provided to the winners.


$ANIM Token allocation will follow the Public Sale Vesting Schedule, and distribution will be sent to your contribution wallet.

Due to regulations, citizens from the following jurisdictions will be unable to participate:
North Korea, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, U.S.A., the People’s Republic of China and the Ontario Province of Canada.

About The Animalia

Animalia is a fast turn-based strategy card game of choices and consequences. Each match is a 1 versus 1 battle between two opponents. The players take turns to play cards from their hand to cast powerful spells, equip mighty gemstones, or summon critters to do battle on their behalf. The game may be played between two human players, or one human and an AI computer opponent. Over time, we expect Animalia to have many variations of battle updates, just like other games that have gone through multiple iterations as well as different types of battle systems.


In the Animalia Kingdom, the world is divided into two factions, each owned by a Titan – the fearsome Bull and the mighty Bear. Each player is represented by their chosen ‘Titan’, which determines the special cards and unique power available to them. The objective of the game is to reduce the opponent’s health point to zero before they can do so to you.


Critters can be summoned by the titans, as well as commanded to attack their opponent’s critters. The species of critters are developed based on the cryptocurrency-inspired memes. As part of the road map, the game plans to allow community participation to determine types of Animals to be introduced into the Animalia Kingdom through a governance model.


Special abilities which can be equipped by the Titans.


Acting as the elemental card, gemstones are used to power up your spell or critters in the battlefield. Each element has varying effects and will have different properties which interact with each other in unique ways.


Each match takes place on the game board known as Landscape. Landscape in the Animalia Kingdom is divided into tokenized virtual territory which acts as a natural habitat for their critters. By default, the Landscape will contain some randomised glowing diamond shards and hexagonal basalt columns which are minable. Landscapes can be upgraded over time using unique cosmetic items. Titans will have their rights to any resources that spawn on their territory. In addition, Titans might find tokens or rare gemstones on their occupied Landscape by using mining axes. As a potential development in the future, the Landscape can be digitized into virtual NFT land estates to allow players to freely trade these land plots.



$ANIM is an BEP-20 core utility token for the Animalia Kingdom. The total supply of $ANIM is fixed at 87 million to represent the estimation of the total number of species living in the natural world. $ANIM ecosystem is designed to be deflationary through different game mechanics. The game platform might take a commission on transactions that will be used for future game development and expansion.

$ANIM holders will be able to claim rewards for staking their coins and thus supporting the ecosystem. These rewards will initially start out high to incentivise community growth and gradually reduce as Animalia reaches maturity. Animalia in-game features development will involve a form of governance by its active player community to make impactful decisions about the gaming experience and features and technical updates. Eventually the formation of the Animalia DAO will provide a platform for individuals to submit innovative in-game ideas and get incentivised for taking part in the voting process.

Total Token Supply 87,000,000 100% Signifying 87 million living species
Seed Sale 7,830,000 9% USD0.04 5% release at TGE then linear vest over 18 months
Private Sale 19,575,000 22.5% USD0.08 10% release at TGE then linear vest over 12 months
Public Sale 5,655,000 6.5% USD0.14 20% release at TGE then linear vest over 6 months
Liquidity Pool 7,830,000 9%
Ecosystem Fund 19,140,000 22% 10% unlocked and spread over first month then linear vest over 24 months
Team & Advisor Fund 13,050,000 15% 100% locked, 8 months cliff then linear vest over 24 months
Marketing & Listing 13,920,000 16% 75% locked then linear vest over 12 months


Token Utilities


Animalia $Anim

The main purpose of the $ANIM token is to serve as a trading currency that players can spend whenever they want to purchase new assets from the Animalia Marketplace. It is also a DAO governance token which will be integrated to provide increasing levels of decision-making ability and for Staking purposes to enjoy rewards.

Purchasing Items with $Anim

Animalia Marketplace is the first point of contact when new NFTs are released. Users will be able to choose whether they want to spend $ANIM or $BNB as a trading currency on the marketplace to trade these NFTs. Animalia would also introduce a luck-based card pack function with randomized algorithms to generate collectible rare items. To purchase higher tier card packs, users would have to hold a certain amount of $ANIM tokens as a prerequisite and would require them to purchase using only $ANIM tokens. For all card packs purchases that involve using $ANIM tokens, a portion of the transaction will go to our ecosystem pool for staking rewards and a portion of the transaction will be burned as a deflationary ecosystem. This function not only ties $ANIM to the heart of the economy, but also ensures $ANIM moves sustainably through it.

$Anim Staking Rewards

$ANIM tokens will need to be staked in order to earn staking rewards, participate in governance, or take advantage of special bonuses available to $ANIM holders. All users who qualify as active stakers will receive stake rewards. Tokens may be held and staked in a BSC wallet address. Tokens staked can participate in governance votes related to the game and also to earn rewards from the $ANIM Staking Rewards pool.

DAO Governance & Voting

Animalia plans to introduce a governance voting system into the game platform that will allow players holding staked $ANIM tokens to vote for or against different proposed changes to the game. Each staked $ANIM token will be worth one vote, so the more $ANIM tokens a player has staked, the more they will be able to influence the results of the votes. A new page will be added to the Animalia website that will provide a user-friendly interface for viewing, creating, and voting on governance proposals. One of them would be the Animalia workshop which will act as a platform to allow creation of unique customizable skins, templates, and items for inclusion in the Animalia Kingdom. Artists will be able to create and submit their own unique cosmetic NFT assets, which will be curated by the Animalia team, and then reviewed and approved by the community through the governance model. Additionally, players can submit proposals for governance changes that have not been incorporated into the governance system. If they are approved with a substantial stake of $ANIM, the Animalia team will consider implementing the requested changes. Some examples that may be included into the governance system over time are:

  • Tournament schedule, settings, and prizes
  • Game re-balance updates
  • PVE and PVP leaderboard rewards
  • Introduction of new Critters and skins



Phylum $Phl

Phylum $PHL is an in-game uncapped utility token that players can earn where it will be integrated into the Animalia game as a play-to-earn currency. The purpose of $PHL is to enhance the Play to Earn loop by bonding and crafting new NFTs, and making in-game purchases. $PHL will also be distributed as a reward through PVE, unranked PVP and ranked PVP. $PHL tokens will initially be added to the various reward pools at a fixed rate per month and will decrease uniformly across all reward pools, meaning that after one year the monthly contribution rate to the reward pools will drop over time. Please keep in mind that once released, all these details including the amount of $PHL added to the reward pools each month and how the rewards are distributed may be changed.

Play to earn rewards

We aim to attract a large group of active players to participate in the Animalia play-to-earn ecosystem. A fixed amount of $PHL tokens will be allocated to a variety of Play to Earn campaigns such as:

  • Seasonal PVP rewards
  • Daily Quest rewards
  • PVE Quest rewards
  • PVP Daily rewards
  • Tournaments


Bonding NFTs

The bonding features in Animalia allow players to bond their current NFTs cards to exchange for a new card pack that can be used in-game or traded on the marketplace. At a basic level, players can combine their existing critters NFTs and a portion of $PHL together to exchange a “Card Pack”. This is called “bonding”. The “bonding” feature will result in the selected critters and $PHL tokens to be burned. In the future, we plan on introducing further upgrades to this process, to bond a wider variety of NFTs. A combination of $PHL tokens and NFT’s assets will be required whenever a user uses the Bond feature to exchange for a new card pack. Please keep in mind that, all these details including the amount of $PHL needed and quantity of NFT’s required may be changed depending on our $PHL ecosystem.

Crafting NFTs

The Crafting features in Animalia allow players to craft their current NFTs cards to upgrade it into a higher tier that can be used in-game or traded on the marketplace. At a basic level, players can combine their existing critters NFTs and a portion of $PHL together to upgrade and get a random higher tier critter card. This is called “crafting”. The “crafting” feature will result in the selected critters and $PHL tokens to be burned. In the future, we plan on introducing further upgrades to this process. A combination of $PHL tokens and NFT’s assets will be required whenever a user uses the Craft feature. Please keep in mind that, all these details including the amount of $PHL needed and quantity of NFT’s required may be changed depending on our $PHL ecosystem.

In-game Purchases

Users could also spend their $PHL tokens to purchase in-game items. There will be a variety of in-game items such as:

  • Front Card Template Skins
  • Rear Card Template Skins
  • Emote Packs
  • Sticker Packs




As a prerequisite to create an account with Animalia, players will require a Metamask wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain network. This web3 supported Metamask wallet will be utilised as the identity and authentication of the user to access the game and marketplace. The connection to this decentralised wallet enables users to trade $ANIM, $PHL and NFTs. With this non-custodial wallet system, the users have full control over their funds and on the associated private key.


A series of NFTs in the form of BEP-721 and BEP-1155 contract will be deployed as part of the network sidechain for $ANIM throughout the development. Non-fungible titans (NFTitan) as an initial series of NFTs will be deployed in a BEP-721 smart contract. The NFT trait properties are shuffled using Fisher-Yates[4] algorithm and each NFT is guaranteed to be unique in the collection. All token’s metadata has a series of checksum hashes of the NFT included for the image digital signature verification. This NFTitan contract features:

  • Extends Openzeppelin Contracts v4.3.2 – ERC721, ERC721Enumerable, ERC721URIStorage, Ownable.
  • Token ID will start with 1. Max total supply is 8700.
  • “Renounce Contract Ownership” feature has been overridden and disabled.
  • Contract does not support token burning by default. Token owners can choose to burn their token by sending it to the “0x0000…0000” address.
  • All tokens metadata is stored on IPFS and frozen. Token URI is frozen on mint.
  • Metadata will include an “external_url” property as a fallback URL (centralized server) to the NFT image.


Additionally, our playable critter and weapon NFT cards will be deployed under a combination of BEP-721 and BEP-1155 contracts. These NFTs will have a variable degree of rarity, from Free to Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Arcana. The scarcity of the NFTitans and NFT cards will give users the challenge and satisfaction of building a completely unique collection.


Animalia plans to integrate an in-house virtual marketplace where players can buy and sell their cosmetic NFTs, Landscapes and other in-game assets. $ANIM will be used as the native currency in this platform. Apart from the NFT contract, there will be 3 layers of contract to ensure the functionality of the marketplace:

  • Pre-sale Contract: Distributes NFT for card packs. Sales price is written into the contract and is updatable by the owner.
  • Marketplace Contract: signs each listing, matching buyer and seller and transfers the NFt to buyer once matched.
  • Payment Contract: Proxy contract for payment for buying / selling of NFT in the marketplace. This contract validates each address’s balance and facilitates payment received to the organisation’s wallet.



The Animalia Workshop will act as a platform to allow the creation of unique customisable skins, templates and items for inclusion in the Animalia Kingdom. Artists will be able to create and submit their own unique cosmetic NFT assets, which will be curated by the Animalia team, and then reviewed and approved by the community through the governance model. The modifications should be purely graphical and do not affect mechanics or gameplay. The approved user-generated cosmetic NFTs are tradable in the Animalia Marketplace. Assets from this Workshop that are accepted for sale will pay the creators a split of the revenue if that item is sold for a fee to support both the Workshop and Marketplace. In the future, there is a plan to transform digital NFTs into a made-to-order physical item which allows the collector to include additional offchain information.



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