Talete Code Private Sale Whitelist

450,958% BEST APY, BNB REWARDS, COMMUNITY & MORE Turn $1000 into upto $4,509,585 in 1 year 450,958 FIXED APY

Talete Code Private Sale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://gleam.io/QYyo3/whitelist-private-sale-talete-code-crypto-prelaunch-giveaway

Don’t miss the chance at the launch of Talete Project!

Private Sale on Saturday April 23th at 16:00 utc to Monday April 25th at 23:00 utc

Presale 1st MAY at 16:00 utc

  • Private Sale: 1 BNB = 14 $TALETE. BNB Rewards
  • Pinksale: 1 BNB = 10 $TALETE.
  • Pancakeswap: 1 BNB = 8 $TALETE.

Join the project nowhttps://taletecode.com/

Join our discord server 👉 https://discord.gg/HQxHGCxE

About Talete Code

TALETE CODE provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model
The TALETE Auto-Staking Protocol and Auto-Reflection (ASPAR) is a financial protocol that makes staking easier, more efficient and awards $TALETE token holders the highest stable returns directly in the holder wallets

ASPAR gives the TALETE token automatic staking and compounding features include BNB Reflection, and the highest Fixed APY in the market at 450’958% for the 1st year.
TALETECODE team is a very experience groups! our managers work in the real finance and defi finance since 20 years ago
The TALETE CODE uses a complex set of factors to support its price and the rebase rewards. It gives the token automatic staking and compounding features, with the highest Fixed APY in the market at 450’958% for the first year
TALETE CODE is a new brand landing on DeFi innovation that creates the finance freedom for his holders in just 1 year.
The exceptional features for holders:
DOUBLE BUSD REWARDS TO ALL THE OWNERS – the fees (2% buy 3% sell) go directly to your wallet in BUSD and the fees of the all locked $TALETE in our TALETE HYPERBANK go directly to your wallet in BUSD
TALETE HYPERBANK – Lock your $Talete from 1 days to 5 years and you’ll receive weekly rewards in BUSD
SAFE STAKING- TALETE provide Autostaking right in your wallet. $TALETE token always stays in your wallet. All you need to do is buy, hold and automatically receive rewards in your wallet
REDUCE ALL RISKS WITH OUR TALETE YOUR INSURANCE (TYI) – the highest percentage to protect our community. The 6% of all trading fees are stored in the TYI Fund, which helps to achieve a variety of outcomes, including most profitable, stability and long-term sustainability.
FASTET AUTO-COMPAUNDING – The TALETE Protocol pays every Token holder every 10 minutes and 144 times everyday, making it the fastest auto-compounding protocol in crypto.
BEST APY – TALETEpays out at 450’958% in the first 12 months, the highest percentage circulating. After the first 12 months the interest rate drops over a predefined Long-term Interest Cycle period


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