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TAHU IDO Whitelist on Oxbull

You would’ve heard NFTs making waves in the headlines recently. Whether if it’s famous artists or Youtubers joining in on the spending frenzy for their latest Twitter profile pics, or when Visa announced that it had bought a CryptoPunk NFT collectible to add to it’s financial history collection. The appeal of NFTs are going through the roof with the exponential volumes speaking for itself from platforms like OpenSea.

The biggest question lingering on the minds of those who have yet to pull the trigger on NFTs: Where/What/How does NFT even derive its value? Apart from a growing market for in-game assets, collectibles or tradables, NFTs are also growing quickly as a form of status.

Quoting David Z. Morris from CoinDesk,

“ In the physical world, an object’s authenticity is the root of the status it confers on the owner. Authenticity is, largely, another word for an object’s history. That history, whether individually or in connection with a tradition or brand or artist, is the source of the ineffable allure that makes collecting so satisfying for many.

Enter TAHU, the next phase of NFTs

Other standards and aspects will definitely continue to emerge and further shape the future of NFTs, and this is exactly where TAHU comes in. TAHU offers a variety of different content which will extend in time, following technology and market evolution.

The platform aims to provide creators more tools to create. Providing cloud applications, real-time rendering, delivering immersive interactive media, elevating NFTs even higher from what is currently only static assets. A TAHU NFT asset can be a simple 3D model as well as a complete video game, exploring all the possibilities of multidisciplinary digital art creations including virtual and augmented realities.

TAHU aims not only to be as a contemporary state-of-the-art marketplace, but also to be an operational bridge, from production to finance, since TAHU NFT is going to be the token to represent interactive digital media.

For more details on the project, refer to the Litepaper here.


Total Supply: 10,000,000

  • Marketing: 11%, Locked for 1 month, 5% to be released each subsequent month
  • Operation and Development: 11%, Locked for 1 month, 5% to be released each subsequent month
  • Team: 10%, Locked for 9 months
  • Partnership and advisory: 10%, Locked for 1 month, 5% to be released each subsequent month
  • Seed sale and Private Sale: 5%, 20% to be released during Token Generation, 10% to be released each subsequent month
  • IDO: 20%, 30% to be released during Token Generation, 20% to be released each subsequent month, and 10% for the final month
  • Ecosystem: 18%, Locked for 3 months, 10% to be released each subsequent month
  • Liquidity: 15%

IDO price: $0.25

Listing price: $0.30

Listing on the 7th September 2021, Approximately 1630UTC.


There will be 2 ways of approaching the current IDO Launch in view of the nature of TAHU, listing will be done on PancakeSwap at this juncture, with plans for bridge onto the Ethereum network and OpenSea integration.

Investors who holds both OXB and OXS can contribute to both avenues respectively.

Tahu IDO Whitelist!

To Participate in Tahu IDO on Oxbull Launchpad:

For $OXS (On Solana Chain)
Tier 1 = 10,000 OXS ( Guaranteed allocations)
Tier 2 = 2000 – 6000 OXS ( Guaranteed Allocations)
Tier 3 = 200 OXS minimum ( not guaranteed)
Fill in the Tier 3 form

For $OXB (on BSC)
Tier 1 = 8,000 OXB ( Guaranteed allocations)
Tier 2 = 1000 – 4000 OXB ( guaranteed allocations)
Tier 3 = 50 OXB min ( not guaranteed)
Full in Tier 3 form



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