TabTrader IDO Whitelist on Solanium

TabTrader – A trading terminal for crypto exchanges. TabTrader is a trading terminal which supports more than 30 exchanges with over 12,000 instruments, a variety of analytical tools and a convenient interface.

TabTrader IDO Whitelist on Solanium

A small percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool. You can collect Social Tickets by performing various social tasks.


Tab Trader — IDO Details

  • Token: $TTT
  • Price Per Token: $0.10
  • Number of Tokens: 10,000,000 TTT
  • Accepted Currency: USDC
  • Total raise in Public Sale: $1,000,000 USDC

Tab Trader — IDO Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist Start: Nov 27, 2021–2:00:00 PM
  • Whitelist Lottery Results: Nov 29, 2021–2:00:00 PM

== KYC for Whitelist Winners ==

  • Sale Start: Nov 29, 2021–4:00:00 PM
  • Distribution: Dec 2, 2021–12:00:00 PM

How to participate in whitelist for Tab Trader

1️⃣ ️Whitelist Start: Nov 27, 2021–2:00:00 PM (UTC)

2️⃣ Go to

3️⃣️ Connect your Solana wallet

4️⃣ Connect your Telegram

5️⃣ Follow the tasks to increase your chance for whitelist

6️⃣ Referral Campaign to gain the additional social ticket(s)

Social Pool

A percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool.
You can collect Social Tickets by performing various social tasks such as Telegram and Twitter Tasks

Staking Pool

A large part of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to Staking Pool tickets.
You can only get Staking Pool tickets by staking SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens.
Increase your Staking Pool tickets by increasing your token stake or extending your lock time

Staking pool ticket is an estimation and the final snapshot will be taken at the time of lottery results

Please note:

  • Please beware of the fake bots sending you messages — Do check with our amazing CM’s for any suspicious messages
  • Always check the URL you’re visiting:

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About TabTrader

Company purpose

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TabTrader’s mission is to allow everyone in the world to invest using only their smartphone.

TabTrader — an Android and iOS app for cryptocurrency trading. Our app allows users to connect multiple exchanges and execute trades within a single app, instead of having multiple browser tabs open and multiple apps installed.

• Organic growth to 400K active users (5X of the closest competitor)

• 92K active traders use the platform (2% of all crypto traders in the universe)

• Top-10 used crypto app globally without any paid user acquisition

• Highest-rated crypto app with 74K 5⭐️ ratings and 76% Net Promoter Score (2X the financial industry average)

• Raised Seed and Series A from multiple VCs

The total addressable market of retail traders is $120B annually.

Prior to TabTrader it’s founders ran a successful outsource software development company, which contributed to the development of renowned blockchain based solutions such as Chainalysis, now a multibillion dollar company.

How TabTrader will evolve the dynamic of the digital asset trading industry: TabTrader 2.0 focuses on DeFI aggregation enabling trading on all decentralised exchanges, along with centralised exchanges from the same platform. Eventually, exchanges will become a commodity and we’re already seeing this as many exchanges are actively attempting to implement new retail friendly products and features. TabTrader will continue to focus on UI and allowing users to connect all of their exchange accounts and wallets for a seamless and organized investing experience. Our principles are simple: remain exchange and asset agnostic.


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There is no quality crypto app that allows trading on multiple exchanges.

• The average crypto user has accounts on multiple exchanges.

• To monitor the market a user has to have multiple browser tabs open and multiple apps installed, and in order to place a trade has to painfully log in with 2fa on every exchange.

• All DeFi assets are scattered across different exchanges all with its own interfaces.

• All exchanges have poor mobile web interfaces and poor apps. Some exchanges don’t even have apps.

Problem (2)

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• At the same time 75% of traffic to every major crypto exchange is mobile.

• And 75% of all revenues and new signups come from mobile in traditional established markets, like forex and equity trading. This will likely be the same in crypto.


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TabTrader is a mobile app for cryptocurrency trading that allows users to connect multiple exchanges, including decentralised ones.

Solution (2)

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• Users can view real-time prices on any venue they want. Users get fast, intuitive mobile charts which feature multiple technical analysis tools.

• Users can monitor the performance of their portfolio and conduct visual analysis of past trades and current orders right within the chart.

• The app allows fast, real-time, reliable alerts on any asset that a user tracks.

• Charts, alerts and trade history allow users to make informed trading decisions wherever they are.

• To place trades users simply scan the QR code with API keys from relevant centralised exchanges right in the app, or connect their wallet to transact in DeFi.


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Without any paid user acquisition or marketing TabTrader was able to achieve 1.6M downloads with 400K active users on its Android and iOS apps, making it the dominant player in the exchange aggregation sector with 5X the user base of its closest competitor.

What can be even more important is that TabTrader has 90K trader-connected API keys for placing orders, cancelling orders or monitoring accounts. That is 2% of all crypto traders in the universe.

Top crypto apps

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TabTrader became one of the world’s top 10 crypto apps (as measured by number of reviews on Google Play), again without paid user acquisition, just by having a great viral product that brings value to the end user. iOS ratings are very similar, but it’s hard to compare with competitors, because Apple doesn’t publish total number of ratings.

User rating

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Looking at the same top crypto apps TabTrader is one of the highest-rated app with 74K 5⭐️ ratings, which means that at least for the 74K people who cared to leave a rating TabTrader solved their predicament. Exactly the same is true for its iOS counterpart.

Net promoter score

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Moreover TabTrader NPS (Net Promoter Score) shows that 76% would recommend TabTrader to a friend (based on 1,200 replies). This is way above the financial industry standard of 34%, and above that crypto services (eg. Coinbase’s 44%) and similar to Tradingview’s NPS of 76%.

User reviews

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Tabtrader offers a mobile first full featured experience supporting all the major crypto exchanges so we deliver the most liquidity and we are expanding to every country in the world because we don’t hold customers funds and aren’t subject to regulation

TabTrader is one of the only 3rd party trading terminals left. Other important ones were acquired in 2017-2020. was acquired by Kraken.

Tradedash trading terminal was acquired by Bittrex in 2019.

Delta was acquired by eToro in 2019. Blockfolio was acquired by FTX for $150M and as a result since acquisition FTX has seen a record number of active traders.

TradFI giants

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Without any paid user acquisition TabTrader is catching up with TradFi giants.

Superior tech

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Unlike competitors TabTrader is technically superior and did not suffer outages in the 2021 January bull run, which for example made at least 10 exchanges along with 5 competitors and similar apps unavailable.

Tech stack

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Client side tech.

Unlike competitors TabTrader only uses native languages: Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android and Javascript for web. This nativity enables TabTrader to have highly responsive apps. Counterintuitively it makes development easier compared to competitors who choose React Native, Xamarin or similar frameworks with the idea of developing once and deploying everywhere. This is why TabTrader is the highest rated crypto app.

TabTrader is most proud of its killer homemade Android/ iOS charting library giving competitors a very high entry barrier. Instead of using anything proprietary or even open source TabTrader created its own library which now makes our app stand out. The charts are much faster than any competitor (crypto, forex or even traditional stock brokerage). Our charting component gives advanced technical analysis functionality which again not many other apps can even dream of.

Unlike competitors who look the same, TabTrader doesn’t use Tradingview (which is actually very bad on mobile), once again to offer a unique UX and not be vendor locked in.

Server side tech.

There is still no one able to aggregate all major exchanges into an Android+iOS+web app and have them all synced up. There are some who do web well and some who do mobile well.

DEX aggregation

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A logical and auspicious step for TabTrader is aggregating DEXes similar to what TabTrader does now to CEXes.

Decentralized finance aggregators are growing in popularity in 2021 as the nascent industry continues to expand. Delphi Digital analyst Ashwath Balakrishnan has observed that year-to-date growth for DeFi aggregators puts the sector on track to dwarf 2020’s figures. 1inch, Matcha and Paraswap facilitated a total $9.3B in volume across 2020 — but that as of Feb. 16, the 1inch exchange alone had recorded close to $10B in volume in just the first 46 days of 2021. 1inch aggregates liquidity from over 20 decentralized exchanges and has only 10K wallets connected with about 1,500 MAUs vs. TabTrader’s 90K CEX accounts connected and 300K MAUs.

A DeFi aggregator is a platform that gathers information and prices from various other exchanges and automated market makers and presents them on a single interface. High gas fees and DEX trading commission have also prompted users to seek out aggregators to get the best rate for their token swaps.

According to Dune Analytics data, the number of new users and daily transactions, as well as volume has surged since the beginning of the year. From $325M per week in mid-December, 1inch is now processing 450% more, with $1.8B recorded for the week ending Feb. 14.

Currently the DEX market is 100K wallets vs. 23.5M CEX accounts. TabTrader thus expects DEX aggregation to be the fastest growing segment. Industry analytics reveals CAC to be $30, while revenue per user is $10/month. UI and convenience is key, so TabTrader will shine in this respect, however hacking remains an important concern.

The business model for DEX aggregation is more obvious, i.e. marking up a prevalent bid or offer and also taking positive slippage. However a lot of technical work has to be carried out in order to start extracting this rent.


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TabTrader has arranged a development plan according to how many more new users each feature can attract and how much revenue each can potentially bring.

Fundraising history

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TabTrader raised $1.3M in an equity Seed round in May 2019 from 100X Ventures, NGC capital and SOSV.

TabTrader raised $5.8M in am aquity Series A round in October 2020 from 100X Ventures, Hashkey Capital, Spartan Capital, SGH Capital, SOSV, Artesian Venture Partners.


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Token utility

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