SupraOracles Airdrop

Supra is a cross-chain IntraLayer enabling automation across Web2 and Web3 via highly secure and scalable smart contract interoperability.

#SupraOracles: raised 20 M $dollar with Partner and Backer such as Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, Huobi Ventures….

SupraOracles Airdrop


✅ Rewards: Pool 700.000.000 token $SUPRA ~ 25M $dollar for #Airdrop

✅Deadline: Do mission every Thursday.

Details guide line

1/ Click to this link:

2/ Click to “Sign Up”

– Create by Email

–  Email -> Verify

3/ KYC

– Click to  “Start Kyc”

– Choose your country

– Fill fullname

– Chose KYC (ID, passport) -> Scan to access link KYC on your mobile phone

✅Done and wait, you have to Pass KYC to process next Missions to get $.

4/ Learn and answer to get rewards:

– Access to:

Answer: 1D 2D 3C

About the Giveaways

Grand Giveaways

The biggest prizes up for grabs. From an entire decked out gaming setup to a trip around the world — even a Supra sports car.

Simply Hit Enter

It’s super simple, just come back and hit enter every time a giveaway goes live. You never know, you might be on a world trip soon.

Win With Ranks

Like all our giveaways, every rank gives you more entries. Entries are counted at time of draw, so enter today and go rank up.

About SupraOracles

Supra is a cross-chain IntraLayer enabling automation across Web2 and Web3 via highly secure and scalable smart contract interoperability.

SupraOracles is a next-generation cross-chain oracle solution so your smart contracts and blockchain apps work better.

SupraOracles is the flagship project by the Entropy Foundation. This Swiss-based (CHE.383.364.961) entity is bringing SupraOracles’ multi-helix ledger and DeFi applications to developers globally. This unit is uniquely positioned with PhDs and professionals with extensive experience in cryptography, enterprise integrations, IoT solutions, DeFi primitives, innovative consensus modeling, randomness research, and oracle research culminating in decades of product development and coding experience. The intersection of the different academic fields has been key to our technical breakthroughs to solve the oracle dilemma.

Better. In five key areas.

Oracles are crucial for blockchains to move forward. From DeFi to the metaverse, the ability to get off-chain and cross-chain data that’s fast, secure, scalable, and offers fast finality is essential.

As the blockchain ecosystem grows, high-quality oracles will be the fuel that powers the next generation of powerful apps and smart contracts to do more. Learn more about how our solution is poised to revolutionize the industry.

Truly Decentralized

Governed by incentives for good behavior, our system consists of individual nodes that pull data from multiple sources, resulting in a fully decentralized model.

Massive Scalability

By running in parallel across multiple Distributed Key Generation configurations, our nodes form a randomized and infinitely scalable network.

Ultrafast & Secure

With parallel processing via powerful cryptographic primitives, our novel Tribes and Clans architecture pushes industry benchmarks of speed and security.

Quick Finality

Our main competitor averages 120 seconds to reach finality. SupraOracles is much faster, offering 3-5 second on-chain refresh rates, with full finality.

Cross-chain & Interoperability

We are blockchain agnostic, compatible with Aptos, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and many more.

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