Soma.Finance Public sale Whitelist

Soma.Finance – first compliant multi-asset DEX & issuance platform for tokenized equities, crypto assets, STOs, and NFTs.

Soma.Finance Public sale Whitelist

Be one of the first people to access the platform and take part in the $SOMA token public sale and other first STOs


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Once there, you will see a box “Count me in!”

Click it and enter your details, and you will be whitelisted and given a number in queue.

You can then use the same link to check your status as you get more referrals, and to check your queue position.

The whitelist is currently for the $SOMA public sale round. Be sure to sign up, and you will be given a referral link which you can then use to refer others, and move up in queue on the list. The list will also serve as queue for the initial token sales that we will be launching, as well as granting users early-access to the Soma platform. So, don’t delay in getting those referrals out there!

About Soma.Finance (SOMA)

SOMA is a FINRA-licensed and SEC-regulated multi-asset AMM and compliant token issuance platform for tokenized equities, crypto assets, STOs, and NFTs. SOMA will consist of a multi-asset automated market maker (AMM) trading platform where users can seamlessly trade a variety of asset classes against one another, such as tokenized versions of US equities/ETFs and ETH or stablecoins using a shared liquidity pool (LP) where both retail and institutional players can partake, as well as a compliant token issuance platform that allows for Reg D/S/A+/CF launches enabling issuers to compliantly raise capital from both retail and institutional players globally. As opposed to synthetic equities, users on SOMA actually own the underlying assets (1–1 backed). Users are also able to utilize their LP liquidity tokens to then be able to yield farm a number of different assets including stablecoins, the SOMA token, and even a mixed bag of stablecoins, tokenized securities, and SOMA. Being able to compliantly earn yield on, trade, and take part of newly issued tokenized securities and crypto assets, is the first to truly bring DeFi to TradFi across a global retail and institutional market.

Soma.Finance, a decentralized exchange for trading digital assets and compliant digital securities, has completed a $6.5 million seed round led by blockchain gaming and open metaverse company Animoca Brands.

  • Soma aims to be a fully compliant decentralized exchange (DEX) and product suite for institutions and retail investors.
  • Proposed services include built-in know-your- customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) functions, digital asset trading and permissionless regulated automated market making (AMM).
  • The company was founded as a joint venture between Hong Kong-based decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Mantra DAO and New York-based Tritaurian Holdings, which has a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) licensed broker-dealer subsidiary.
  • Other participants in the round included Kenetic Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners, GSR, Token Bay Capital, Mind Fund, Unknown VC, Fomocraft, BCW Group, Tai Ping Shan Capital, Gate Ventures and 0x Ventures, among others.
  • “We believe that is well positioned to become a leading, regulatory compliant decentralized exchange that is able to offer tokenized equities, security token offerings and various other DeFi services,” said Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu in a statement.

Bridging the Gap Between DeFi and Regulated Securities

For securities to enter DeFi in a meaningful way, users will need to comply with regulators who, as the Financial Times reports, are beginning to lay their eyes on this nascent but growing sector of peer-to-peer finance.

This compliance is made possible for users by protocols like that make DeFi and regulatory compliant securities trading possible. Built on the partnership between MANTRA DAO and Tritaurian Capital, SOMA is licensed and registered in the United States and complies with SEC rulings on Reg CF, Reg D, Reg S, and Reg A+ offerings for both accredited and retail investors alike.

Acting as a bridge between the permissionless nature of DeFi and the tightly regulated world of securities, SOMA is launching the world’s first compliant multi-asset DEX and issuance platform.

This solution makes frictionless trading of securities feasible in a decentralized way.

Once SOMA’s users pass KYC, they can trade tokenized securities in a “semi-permissionless” environment without the roadblocks facing securities traders in traditional finance today. Additionally, this means DeFi innovations such as yield farming can welcome liquidity pairings such as BTC-TESLA or BTC with any other blue-chip stock.

DeFi has opened doors to a host of financial possibilities with a limited range of digital assets, namely cryptocurrencies and tokens, akin to having one hand tied behind its back. Once tokenized securities enter the game, who knows what doors DeFi will open next?

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