Solvent IDO Whitelist on Solanium

Solvent Enabling De-Fi to your NFTs on Solana. Solvent is a platform to enable index funds for NFTs on Solana. Any NFT holder that wants liquidity out of their NFTs can deposit their NFT asset into its particular NFT collection on Solvent (bucket) for minting fungible tokens (droplets) of that particular NFT project in exchange.

Solvent IDO Whitelist on Solanium


A small percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool. You can earn extra allocation by performing various social tasks.

About Solvent


Solvent is a platform to convert NFTs to fungible tokens known as droplets, giving the user instant liquidity. The instant liquidity for NFTs can provide users a platform to trade NFTs faster than they can today. Droplets can be traded on AMMs and Serum orderbooks on Solana. Users can trade the droplets owned by them to redeem NFTs in the Solvent buckets or swap droplets for $USDC directly from the platform. They can also stake their liquidity of the droplets into liquidity pools and earn liquidity rewards. Features like lending, loans, NFT derivatives, and more exciting integrations are to be released soon.


Features of Solvent

⁃ Instant Liquidity to NFTs:

Solvent is an instant liquidity platform where you can exchange your NFT assets for getting instant liquidity. You get instant liquidity in form of droplets (fungible tokens) of that NFT project, which are tradable on Serum, and can even be swapped for $USDC.

⁃ Liquidity Mining and Yield farming:

NFT traders can exchange their NFTs for droplets and provide liquidity to the pools on AMMs like Atrix finance. The LP tokens can also be staked for receiving $SVT rewards. We have 30% allocation of the platform token $SVT as rewards towards liquidity mining.

⁃ $SVT staking:

$SVT is the governance token for the Solvent platform. A portion of the platform minting fees will be used to buyback $SVT tokens from the market and will be distributed to the holders staking the $SVT token.

⁃ Community governance

$SVT token holders will also be able to participate in the community governance and help shape the future of Solvent and NFT liquidity.


Integrating with oracle for NFT floor price index feeds

Since each droplet represents a hundredth of an NFT asset in any NFT project, we can compute the floor price of an NFT project on Solvent in terms of USDC at any given time by multiplying the real-time price of the droplet for that project. Real-time feeds and quotes for the changes in the price of these droplets can be created by integrating with oracles on-chain.

Developers and other web3 protocols can leverage the real-time feeds from the oracle for building protocols and applications that utilize a stable AMM-based floor price feed on top of Solvent.

Releasing the Solvent SDK

We will be releasing the Solvent Javascript SDK publicly for the developers and protocols to query the Solvent buckets data and integrate Solvent’s functionality of tokenizing NFTs into droplets directly on their apps.

Integration with Ethereum NFT projects

Our plan includes onboarding Ethereum NFTs to Solana programmatically via cross-chain bridges and enabling the features of the Solvent platform to them as well.

Integration with perpetual swaps protocol on Solana

The pricing feed of the droplets via the oracles can be leveraged to trade floor perpetual swaps of the floor price of the NFT projects. Ref: Floor perpetuals as proposed by Dave White from Paradigm Research.


Backed by top-tier investors, we can definitely look forward to Solvent Protocol’s vision of providing value to all NFT holders instant liquidity and not just on Solana but the multi-chain future as well. You can try the app yourself →


Token distribution


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