SolRazr IDO Whitelist & Aidrop

The community has been super excited and supportive right from the beginning of our project. The number of projects that are building on Solana is only growing by the day, and SolRazr aims to be the de-facto IDO platform for any project building on Solana.

Now, how do you apply for whitelist and the airdrop? You only need to do one thing — Apply For Whitelist and you will become eligible for Airdrop too

Link to whitelist application — head to and you will see a banner that will take you to the whitelisting form. (which is also the application to the airdrop)

A detailed walkthrough of the whitelist application process is available here

How to do whitelist

Step 1: Prepare for Whitelisting

Head to and click the banner at the top.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

Next, click on Connect Wallet.

You can connect by choosing your preferred wallet. We support Sollet, Phantom and Slope. Sollet is an open-source wallet for advanced users and developers. For a more effortless experience and user support, we recommend Phantom or Slope.

Read instructions to set up your Sollet wallet

Read instructions to set up your Phantom wallet

Read instructions to set up your Slope wallet

Step 3: Trust, But Verify

Once the wallet is connected, your Solana address will be displayed. Please verify if it is the correct address. Proceed to fill in additional details required for whitelisting by clicking on the button below:

Step 4: Provide All the Required Details

You will be asked to verify your email, fill in a CAPTCHA and perform a few tasks to finish your registration.

Here is the task list

  1. Join SolRazr official telegram channels — Announcement & Community
  2. Follow SolRazr official Twitter account
  3. Like and retweet the pinned tweet from our official Twitter account
  4. Comment on the pinned tweet by tagging two of your friends and share the link of the Twitter comment in the whitelist form

Step 5: Almost There? Nope. All Done!

Your whitelist registration is successfully complete once you see this screen after submission.

Thanks for reading. Meanwhile, check out the SolRazr website, or connect with us on TwitterMedium, and Telegram.

Public IDO — things to note

  • IDO Token Price: $0.30
  • IDO pool size: $300K
  • Blockchain: Solana (SPL Token)
  • Launchpad: SolRazr
  • Platform: Desktop Only (Mobile not supported)
  • Allocation amount: $300
  • Supported Wallets (desktop only): SolletPhantom WalletSlope Finance
  • Is KYC required for participation in IDO? Yes
  • How do you select the final list of participants who can take part in the IDO? Lottery from the eligible list of whitelist applications
  • IDO vesting terms: 50% unlocked on TGE. 10% unlocked each month over 5 months.
  • Token Economics:

Airdrop — things to note

  • Winners will be announced after IDO is complete
  • Airdropped tokens can be claimed by winners and the exact time will be announced after the IDO. For now, all you need to do is to apply for the whitelist to become eligible for the airdrop.

Have more questions? Go to our FAQ

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to welcoming you into our community and be part of our success.


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