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Solana Race Public Sale Whitelist

Developed by game development company Magic Seven, Solana Race is a Monster Car Racing Game ,you can make your own unique Cars,and trade their items on the open marketplace!

Solana Race Public Sale Whitelist


Rules :
🔹️ Join our Telegram Channel https://t.me/solanarace
🔹️ Join our Telegram Group https://t.me/solanaracecommunity
🔹️ Follow our Twitter page https://twitter.com/solana_race
🔹️ Retweet Pinned Tweet on Twitter, using #Solana #SolanaAirdrop #Airdrop #SolanaRace $SRAC and tag 3 friends
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⚡️ Whitelist Start: Dec 24
⚡️ Whitelist Close: Dec 26
⚡️ Winners announcement: 2:00 UTC, December 26, 2021

⏰ ICO Details:

Winners announcement: 2:00 UTC, December 26, 2021

Sale Date: December 26, 2021

Sale Time: 3:30 UTC

Purchase limits: $100 min, $1000 max

Price per token: $0,17

Ticker: SRAC

Listing Price: $0.2

Initial Market cap: $760,000

Initial circulating supply: 3 800 000 SRAC

Buy directly

Using this link: https://form.jotform.com/213583107658460

🧐 DYOR 🧐

About Solana Race

Developed by game development company Magic Seven, Solana Race is a Monster Car Racing Game ,you can make your own unique Cars,and trade their items on the open marketplace!

The Solana Race team is currently under security audit and will be publicly releasing the results after sale of tokens.

SRAC tokens stored in the contract can only ever be accesses by players, developers have no ability to withdraw from the contract. They will remain the ecosystem through various sinks and disbursements, as shown below

As we further develop the platform based on player feedback, we will allow more and more uses for SRAC and even NFTs, further increasing the utility of the tokens.

Play to Earn
Earn SRAC tokens by winning on race, racing with friends, and staking your gains. Liquidity is locked so every token you earn has instant value


SRAC tokenomics are as follows:  


Developer funds are 75% locked, as incentive to follow the roadmap and continue adding value to SRAC holders. Solana Race is the first DeFi game to allow back and forth value to NFTs, allowing burn of NFTs, and keeping all game funds within the liquidity cycle. To those who wish to use SRAC for staking, they will be awarded increased APY due to no inflation and requirement to trade between the liquidity pool, optimizing liquidity provider rewards.

To summarize, all seed and sale funds will be used as laid out below:

✔ Initial Liquidity.

We will utilize 100% of the Pre-sale raised funds as the Initial Liquidity. LP tokens will be locked for 6 months.

✔ Developers’ compensation and future development.

✔ Smart Contract Audit.

✔ Community awareness programs such as AMAs, Giveaways after the launch.

✔ Marketing and PR after the launch.

✔ Other Auxiliary Costs.


Dexlab,Solana,Moon Capital,Spider Capital,Oxford Ventures,Power Capital,Tokenoic Ventures,BRAINWASH


🔹️Telegram Channel https://t.me/solanarace
🔹️ Telegram Group https://t.me/solanaracecommunity
🔹️ Twitter page https://twitter.com/solana_race
🔹️ Youtube channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCU6yDfHJBH7jc8uFqlDrt3g
🔹️ Discord Server https://discord.gg/solanarace



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