Seedling IDO Whitelist on DAOStarter

Seedling is the first launch pad dedicated to launching projects on the Cherry Network, as well as the main blockchain networks such as Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance SmartChain, Fantom, and others.

Seedling IDO Whitelist on DAOStarter

IDO Details

The key Seedling IDO details are as follows:

· Whitelist date: 6:00 am 9th of December 2021 UTC

· Whitelist closed: 5:00 am 14th of December 2021 UTC

· Sale date: 10:00 am 14th of December 2021 UTC

· Sale closed: 1:00 pm 14th of December 2021 UTC

· USD$100,000 of $SDLN will be available through the IDO, totalling 666,666 tokens

· Min investment: $250

· Max investment: $1000

· IDO Price: $0.15

· Currencies: USDT

· IDO Type: FCFS

· Network: BSC

· Selected addresses for whitelist : 450

· Vesting Period: 10% unlock at TGE, 22.5% monthly for 4 months.

Whitelist details

In order to qualify for the DAOStarter IDO and to get whitelisted, you need to fill out the Whitelisting form (link below) :

Within the form, you will need to:

1. Confirm your email address

2. Twitter handle(Username)

3. Telegram handle(Username)

4. BSC wallet address

5. Set your NFT avatar on DAOStarter

6. Join the Seedling Telegram Group

7. Follow Seedling on Twitter

8. Join the DAOStarter Telegram Group

9. Follow DAOStarter on Twitter

10. Follow Follow DAOStarter Telegram Channel

11. Tag 3 friends in comments, and retweet the following tweet

Once you have completed all fields, submit the form.

Please Note:

Whitelist entries will be screened, with the following to be disqualified from participating in the IDO:

· Invalid wallet addresses, Twitter and Telegram accounts

· Entries made by bots

· Duplicate entries

· Incomplete entries missing any of the form criteria

After the whitelisting form closes, a randomized draw will generate a list of users approved for participation in the IDO. Approved users will receive an email from sale.


· The Seedling team will NEVER message you first on any social media platform

· Users do not need DSTs to participate in whitelist activities


About Seedling

Cherry Network benefits and growth

The Cherry Network is an exciting new layer one blockchain network focusing on connecting smart contracts and decentralized file storage. Its mainnet is scheduled for launch in Q1 2022 and we’re really excited to collaborate with them and help launch projects within the Cherry Ecosystem.

An experienced and trusted team

Seedling has been developed and put together by the team behind Cherry Labs, and through our existing network of contacts, launch experience and the contacts of our new venture capital partners we have secured exclusive access to projects looking for assistance launching that will propel them to the next level.

The problem with Cherry Network we’re aiming to solve

Right now we are seeing a lot of projects looking to launch on Cherry Network. We want to accelerate founders in their project’s journey on the Cherry Network, and connect them with investors in a trusted place to showcase their products. Cherry Network is an amazing chain to operate a project on with the super low fees, fast confirmations, interoperability channels to all the major networks like Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, Polygon, and others, and we want to help expand this ecosystem and ensure projects launch properly and safely.

Projects incoming

Without giving a way a lot right now we have some new and exciting projects ready for funding on Seeedling along with several new projects currently completing their white papers and technical specs that will be ready to seek funding in the near future. We are also opening the invitation for anyone interested in launching on Cherry Network to contact us and we would be happy to open a dialogue to discuss a collaboration.

Have a project you want to launch on Seedling?

We are accepting applications for IDOs on our platform, please contact us via email at Even if you don’t have a dev team or resources, we would be interested to discuss your ideas and work together on an incubation project.

The $SDLN token

To operate the launch pad, offer staking rewards, competitions and marketing we are launching Seedling ($SDNL) Token, as mentioned above users will need to hold this token to be eligible to participate in IDO OTC funding campaigns, but this token is also a reward token where we will be rewarding holders for being a part of the community.

Are you an industry expert or industry leader?

We have a private allocation for you! Please contact us at to discuss.


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