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REALY is a decentralized NFT marketplace for Street Culture and New Luxury. By leveraging its extensive experience in New Luxury and Street Fashion, REALY aims to hit the Crypto Non-Fungible Token (NFT) community and bring real-world assets on-chain.

Realy Metaverse Whitelist


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REALY securely uploads items on-chain by implanting and bounding NFC chips (encrypted with its exclusive algorithm) in the fashion items, granting them a globally unique ID with the NFT technology. Since each NFT represents a physical custodial product, this integration provides an authentication solution to luxury collectibles on the one hand. It forms an interactive Luxury-Crypto community, on the other through the innovative features of DeFi such as lend-mining and liquidity mining.

Why is the NFT market worth investing in and attention?

From CryptoPunks and Crypto Kitties to the recent auction at Christie’s that ended up in a close to 70 million USD deal for a masterpiece NFT produced by Beeple, blockchain technology has finally broken out from the crypto space. Countless artists, musicians, luxury brands, sports competitions, games, and other prominent players in the traditional world have entered the arena, further helping NFT to expand. In the same month, an NFT of Jack Dorsey’s tweet (Twitter CEO) was sold for 2.5 million. These are just some examples of how hot the NFT market is right now. The NFT market has gained global attention even outside the crypto market, making headlines in traditional media including Reuters, Nasdaq, New York Times, Fortune, Bloomberg, etc.

What unique technology/benefit does REALY bring to the NFT market?

NFT technology gives a unique on-chain ID (in the open and decentralized network) to digital contents (such as photos or videos), allowing the content to be traded and transferred without the issue of authenticity. Some NFTs come with smart contracts technology that gives their owners real-world perks such as lifelong VIP services. REALY brings all these benefits into the real-life fast-growing street fashion market of $35.8 billion (in 2019) with its three killer functions.

  1. REALY Solutions — a one-stop shop for authenticating physical assets with its exclusively NFT encrypted NFC chips. REALY Solution authenticated luxury items can be traded and transferred without issues of authenticity.
  2. REALY Apps — provide marketplaces for fans of brands to trade and interact with other users, including the brand artists and celebrities, and showcase their collections anytime and anywhere.
  3. REALY Vault — a farm of the REAL token that can be used to trade and obtain other NFTs, including some with VIP rights (such as access to celebrity/KOL spaces) for fans.

Product design

Real is a product designed with NFT technology and a perfect combination of centralization and decentralization. REALY uses NFC chips technology to cast physical assets into a unique NFT, which gives non-crypto users an easy way to get into the crypto world without even noticing.

Are NFTs only valid for crypto art? Obviously not. We believe that if FTs (homogeneous token) are the digital world’s currencies, then NFTs are the items. More importantly, the future virtual world is neither purely virtual nor purely physical. It will be an integration and seamless connection of virtual and physical items. This is the future of REALY.

Centralized experience in a decentralized manner. You don’t even REALYze you’re in blockchain!

As REALY has applied the NFT technology to physical assets, the platform’s transactions are nearly free[1]. Users may use or buy REALY anytime and anywhere, without any restrictions seen on traditional platforms or channels.

REALY has officially established partnerships with the following Artists and brands:

  • Mars Space Station
  • Maccott Station
  • Revenge
  • Shine
  • Innersect

All the Artists and brands mentioned above have already covered various styles like rock, popular, hip-pop, and even two-D culture, which can nearly represent all the latest fashion taste.


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