Realrealm IDO Whitelist in hands

Realrealm IDO Whitelist in hands

Our IDO date is getting closer every day, until that time we’ve prepared a super-exclusive Airdrop Campaign.
Follow super-easy tasks here to get a chance to win our IDO Whitelist Slots!!!
💎Reward: 2,500 Whitelist Slots
👟Time: Nov 19 – Nov 23
1. Submit your wallet and finish “Verify Participation”
2. Send Referral link to your friends
3. After each 10 of your friends submitted their wallet & verified the participant then you will get 1 ticket. Please mind that your friends need to be unique with others.
4. Each ticket equals 1 entry of whitelist lucky draw. Each wallet could own max of 20 tickets.
5. All tickets will be entered into the winning whitelist pool.
6. The lucky draw will choose 2,500 whitelist slots.
7. Each whitelist slot can buy $20 with a price of $0.0125/ REAL token.
8. Each wallet can win a max of 3 whitelist slots.
9. We will close “Verify Participation” on 2PM 22/11 (UTC)
10. Lucky Draw will be on 2PM 23/11 (UTC) to choose 2,500 whitelist winners. We will announce the winners list on our website

About Realrealm

What Is Near Real Realm(REAL)?

Real Realm is a Free-to-earn blockchain-based war strategy game that enables the players to recruit, lend, summon, evolve, team up and especially co-op their mighty NFT heroes- the Mies into the relentless battles. Each Mie has unique characteristics, elements, predestined missions and stories. With the vast collection of NFTs, diverse game features, various battle modes and Tournaments, players can emerge themselves in Real Realm Metaverse to experience the great game while earning enormous benefits REAL is the native utility and governance token that is used for: – Earn Interest and NFT Points from REAL Staking – Seasonal and monthly bonus rewards: Mystery boxes, – Diamonds, Legendary NFTs – Entry tickets for special events and tournaments – NFT Evolution and Summoning – Fees deduction on Marketplace – Real Realm DAO Governance – Real Realm Voting for new features, new NFTs

How Many REAL Token Are There in Circulation?

Initially, there are 23,800,000 REAL Tokens in Circulation at November 2021, then it follows a 48-month vesting schedule to get fully released.

There are two incarnations of TUSD available: – KAI-20 token on KardiaChain – BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain

Who Are the Founders of REAL REALM?

Real Realm is a blockchain-based game developed by Rise Studio, which has more than 40 employees and the CEO is Nguyen Quoc Dinh. After nearly 20 years working in the game industry for many corporations, he started his own business with 3 mobile game studios which outsource and produce mobile games for the global market. With the background of software engineering, data science and finance, he decides to totally focus the business on the blockchain world. Le Hoang Gia, Dinh Thai Minh Tam, Nguyen Quoc Dinh and Pham Son Truong are co-founders of REAL token with extensive experience in Finance, Blockchain, marketing and programming. The guys worked together with the same goal of developing a war strategy game where blockchain communities can enjoy a rich content with no entry cost and be rewarded back from their effort and their time.

What Makes REAL Unique?

The ultimate goal of Real Realm is to create a game environment that is owned and developed by the community. Beyond, Real Realm applies the essence mechanism that allows all players to earn without paying any initial funds. As a consequence, everyone can enjoy the game and contribute to a strong community, which is Real Realm’s final destination- stable development.

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