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RapidMoon BSC Presale Whitelist

RapidMoon is a BSC token created with the aim of building a strong community whilst reaching the moon at a rapid speed. Welcome to RapidMoon! The revolutionary BSC token, which aims to reach the moon at a rapid speed, whilst holders can make gains from both their investment, and from our P2E games.

RapidMoon BSC Presale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://share-w.in/enoifw-44289

Deadline: Dec 22

We will be having presale on 22nd December, 2021 at 16:00 UTC.

We are creating a revolutionary token on the Binance Smart Chain, with a goal of bringing all of the active and legitimate BSC investors together in one project?

After token launch, we’ll be launching our first P2E game. We’ve got unique marketing ready, as well as a big prize pool every single week. We’re planning on making loads of P2E games, as the token and community grows!

Regular AMAs will be held, as well as community giveaways, in order to keep our community active and engaged

We are glad to invite you all for the RapidMoon BSC Presale Whitelisting!!

Complete the tasks to increase the chances of getting whitelisted. Please complete all the entries and refer as many friends as you can to increase the chances.

About RapidMoon

What is RapidMoon?

RapidMoon is a token created on the Binance Smart Chain, with a goal of bringing all of the active and legitimate BSC investors together in one project. We have one simple goal in mind; to reach the moon, whilst everyone has the opportunity to make big gains and have fun!


Making the RapidMoon token moon, is our number one priority, simple as that. But creating a strong community, and giving everyone the chance to have fun whilst making big gains from our mini games, AND token investments, is heavily prioritized. We are aware that in order for us to grow as a community, and for the token to reach the moon, we have got to go big on marketing. Our marketing plans are aggressive and result oriented. On top of our marketing plans, we will be doing regular AMAs and community giveaways, to keep the community strong and engaged.

How our P2E game works

Shortly after the RapidMoon token has launched, our Play To Earn(p2e) game will be released. The way it is going to work is by players buying a weekly subscription with their RapidMoon tokens, which will give them access to play our mini game. The top weekly scorers will win big prize money.


12% tax is applied on every transaction (buy & sell)

🌒 P2E NFT Staking
🌒 3% p2e platform + rewards
🌒 2% reflections
🌒 1% liquidity
🚀 liquidity locked for 3months
🚀 Presale 22nd Dec
🚀 whitelist interest=+709k in under 48hrs!
🚀 TG 5000+ members and counting!

6% marketing/development – The team will use these funds to expand the RapidMoon project even further, and make sure consistent and organic growth is happening, both community wise, but also on the chart.
3% p2e platform and rewards – To finance our weekly prize pool for the P2E mini games, 3% of all transactions will go straight towards that.
2% reflections – Giving out 2% reflections is done simply to reward the diamond hands. You will be rewarded with RapidMoon tokens, simply by holding the tokens you’ve already bought.
1% liquidity – This is done in order to sustain the liquidity pool, which helps out the project a lot financially

Connect With RapidMoon

One of our biggest priorities is to create a community driven token. Feel free to follow us on Telegram and our other social media to stay up-to-date and to give us feedback for the future.

Join our Telegram community and say Hi!

Telegram: https://t.me/RapidMoonBsc

Twitter: https://t.me/RapidMoonBsc



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