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🕹Prometheus is the world’s first strategic RPG NFT game. Prometheus is a game that uses NFTs, governance tokens, and high-quality art to create an impeccable gaming experience.
🚀🚀🚀Prometheus Whitelist Tickets Giveaway is now open!!!!

Prometheus Whitelist

Join us to obtain a Ticket to participate in the lottery that will give you a chance of getting a spot on the IDO on GameFi or RedKite platforms.


30 users will be randomly selected by the platform, the more points you get, the more entries you will have on this giveaway so the higher are the chances of you winning! Remember that winners will get a Battle card NFT + 1 Whitelist Ticket, the whitelist ticket doesn’t guarantee allocation but gives the user the opportunity to join the IDO lottery.

Giveaway starting date: November 19th
Winners announcement: November 27th
IDO Sale: November 30th
Make sure you complete all actions and fill in all details correctly for the system to validate your eligibility. Failure to do so and/or cheat will automatically disqualify your entries through our Validation System.
Share your referral link to increase your score and increase your chance of winning.

ABOUT Prometheus

Prometheus is the first multichain NFT game to hybridize war chess and card play based on world mythology.

Cultural value:

Format of the Game:

NFT integration:

Prometheus Economy:



NFTs: Exploding potential in the Secondary Markets

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