Project SEED IDO Whitelist on Solanium

One-stop multichain gaming ecosystem.

A multi chain gaming ecosystem that includes Game Hub, GameFi, DAO, ESports, and Growth Program.

Staking Pool

Majority of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to Staking Pool tickets. You can only get Staking Pool tickets by staking SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens. Increase your Staking Pool tickets by increasing your token stake or extending your lock time.

Social Pool

A small percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool. You can collect Social Tickets by performing various social tasks.

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Project SEED is a multichain gaming ecosystem that includes Game, Gamefi, E-sport, Growth Program and DAO. Seeking to become the spearhead of blockchain mass adoption, Project SEED provides cutting-edge gameplay experience with full fledged gamefi use cases that empower players to own maximum financial power.


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Project SEED offers a wide range of blockchain-empowered features across our ecosystem.

GameFi: Includes DeFi Features of Wallet, Staking, In-App Swap, and Lending assets. Our NFT program benefits partnership and community creators, with NFT auction badges. Rental and merchant-related marketplace.

Game: Our first game title – Outland Odyssey offers real role-playing experience, coop multiplayer adventures, tournament battles and guild wars with your mates. Players can create their own Dungeon, tame Zeds, complete quests, and collect rare NFT assets.

More games of Path of Avoria and Seed of Destiny will be released in the future.

(Also we are collaborating with Game Studio, to implement Play-to-Earn Economics and Blockchain Technology into their games and launch on our Project SEED Ecosystem)

DAO: Integrating DAO in Game Development, World Advancement, Items Library, Equipment Development, DeFi Features and Development, Uses of Community Treasury, and other for community benefit.

E-sport: We partner with industry leaders in E-sport to organize local, regional, and global tournaments. Also sponsoring our own E-Sport team to bring Project SEED Games into the global gaming community.

Growth Program: Aims to empower a bigger growth in the blockchain gaming industry, including Builder, Grants, Incubation, SEED Launcher.


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Team experience

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Project SEED is a group of +50 entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and developers with rich experience in art, design, and game development in popular titles such as Call of Duty, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Marvel Vs Capcom, Soul Calibur, Dreamworks. They have a strong passion for revolutionizing the gaming industry by blockchain.

Liko Subakti | CEO

Over a decade worth of experience as a traditional entrepreneur and business development, turning a small company into a multi-million company in net revenue Angel Investor who invested in over a dozen of crypto gems. Worked for Binance as a Community Manager and SEA Angel Manager before moving to as Community Manager for Indonesia

Alex Setiawan | CTO

Seasoned technologist and leader with experience in multiple industries with over 2 decades of experience building softwares at Boning TripAdvisor, and Lexus. Extensive experience in planning, implementing and supporting complex infrastructures and tactical solution

Baskoro Hadi | CSO

Worked at Savage Entertainment in Los Angeles for 6 years as a 3D and SFX artist for games such as Transformers”, Scooby Doo” and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Then continue working at Vriday Studio in Indonesia as the Creative Director and 3D artist and manage a team of programmers and artists to develop applications and games.

Mohammed Elelu-Bashir | COO

Creative director of APCL’s projects team that built Concost. Upuzzle and other noteworthy software. Served as advisor to Abitnetwork with direct growth impact on user base by 800,000 and sourcing of $1.2M capital investment. Notable experience at Binance and a community manager at

Dinh Thi Thao Trang | CMO

Starting as a journalist in the no.1 financial newspaper in Vietnam and later moving onto SEA PR Manager at Binance and PR Head for Binance Charity Foundation, Trang has made important contributions to Binance in its early days stepping into the SEA market.


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SHILL Token is a utility token that is used in Project SEED Game Ecosystem which includes in-game currency, staking, and game rewards.

Dungeons Creator:

SHILL token holders can create their own dungeons for others to play (farm), and earn from it as loot materials. Each dungeon has a unique ID that is attached to the blockchain.


The Locked Staking System gives additional rewards to long-term investment timeframes and reduces supply shock to the circulation, with periodic locked staking systems and vesting distribution after lock period.

Beside APR, stakers will receive a limited NFT drop by the system every season.

DAO Governance:

In Project SEED games, players govern the world and the ecosystem. SHILL token holders can propose and vote for their favorite ideas. Project SEED is creating the 1st decentralized mobile game app where players are involved in game advancements.

NFT Crafting:

NFT minting requires players to burn SHILL token.

Item Enhancement:

Players enhance their NFTs to increase statistics and skills by burning SHILL token


Zeds are beasts in the Outland Odyssey game. Players can enhance their Zeds using SHILL Token


Merchant Benefits:

SHILL stakers have more spaces to list items on the NFT marketplace with cheaper fees.

Merchant Advertisement Program:

Merchants can promote their products on the front page of NFT marketplace. All ad fees are paid by SHILL.

NFT Marketplace:

SHILL Token will be the option of currency for payment at NFT Marketplace. NFT Marketplace will be available in 2 types BUY/SELL and RENTAL System.


Project SEED Token (SHILL) is not only just to be used at Outland Odyssey Game. It will be used for future game ecosystems of Project SEED.


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25% – Play-to-Earn

15% – Staking

5% – Community Treasury

12.5% – Protocol Development

10% – Marketing

7.5% – Team

11% – Seed Sale Round

13% – Private Sale Round

1% – Public Sale Round

Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 SHILL

Initial Circulation Supply: 25,250,000 SHILL (excluding LPs)


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