Pledge Utility Coin Public Sale Whitelist

Pledge Utility Coin’s mission is to be a force for the greater good. Specifically, our efforts bridge the gap between global donors and nonprofits in local communities.

Pledge Utility Coin Public Sale Whitelist


Our whitelist will be based on a lottery system, and spots will be given to only the most loyal members of our community:

In order to qualify for the Whitelist lottery, participants must follow us on either Telegram or  Twitter:

Please share this form on your social media to get a higher chance of getting one of the few spots in our whitelist.

Winners: 500

Pledge Utility Coin Airdrop


In exchange for helping build our community, we will be handing you PUC cryptocurrency tokens!

Please perform the actions you are comfortable with (one or all of the actions below) and you will be credited accordingly. Please note that we will be awarding (on average) 90,000 PUC coins per action taken. Some actions are worth more than others!!

Note – Please be sure to complete the action where. we collect your Binance Smart Chain Address – this is how you get your airdrop. If you fill out the wrong BEP20 Address, you will not receive your coins and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.

If you do not already have a BEP20 Wallet Address, please read this link on how to get a BEP20 wallet address with TrustWallet. Specifically Read the “Getting the Smart Chain Address” section. The “Smart Chain Address” is the BEP20 Wallet Address.

Also – We validate ALL ENTRIES, so please ensure that you properly perform all actions you want credit for.

About Pledge Utility Coin

Most people find cash to be easy to donate, however its core limitation is global reach.  PUC (Pledge Utility Coin) has grand ambitions of extending our blockchain project and eventually migrating from the PUC BEP20 token to our own blockchain that will ultimately be easier to use than cash. In addition to being digital cash (PUC), we plan to build features such as smart contracts and donation receipts in our blockchain. The biggest advantage PUC will have over cash is the fact that donations will be made passive (via transaction fees) on day to day transactions whilst impacting causes anywhere in the world.

Large Non Profits Like Red Cross have a lot of overhead, and are often not very effective at connecting donations to where it is actually needed.  PUC (Pledge Utility Coin) focuses on small to medium size nonprofits that have a better understanding of local needs but not necessarily the resources needed to make change. We are currently partnered with various nonprofits in different parts of the globe: (US, West Africa, East Africa, Germany, and London We list a couple of them on our website here:

The PUC revenue model is multifaceted. Even though we intend to be a bridge between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, we are still a profit seeking project. We intend to build an ecosystem reliant on PUC, which will create organic demand for the PUC cryptocurrency.  One of the central products we intend to build is a Crowdfunding platform powered by PUC.  A small portion of all donations will go to the project itself as revenue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a force for the greater good. Specifically, our efforts bridge the gap between global donors and nonprofits in local communities.


Cash is going Digital

With cash going digital, the charitable space needs innovation and pledge coin is going to be at the forefront of this.

Giving is global

With cryptocurrency, the world has become hyper-local and giving from anywhere in the world to any laudable charitable project or charitable cause should not be a problem. Pledge Utility Coin ™ is going to be the solution of choice when it comes to selecting what vehicle to power giving.

Crowd sourced Charity

The internet community has been able to rally around individuals suddenly thrust into unfortunate circumstances. In 2016, there was the Pulse Night Club incident in Orlando, Florida that left 50 people dead, and 53 people injured – through crowd sourced funding and social media, over $7 million was raised for the families of the affected. Pledge Utility Coin ™ aims to help power crowd sourced charitable contributions, and do this efficiently and quickly.

Diversifying Income for Charitable Organizations

Charities face the challenge of having unsustainable income sources and not having enough diverse sources of income. Pledge Utility Coin ™ provides a way for Charities to diversify their income stream through the blockchain.

Data Protection and compliance

Pledge Utility Coin ™ is going to be on the blockchain, an immutable data source that is largely anonymous, yet transparent. Charities across the world face regulatory challenges daily with regards to safeguarding donor data. Charities also are burdened with providing transparency to regulators on their source of their donations. With Pledge Utility Coin ™ a perfect balance between transparency and data protection will be reached.


  • We are still pre-launch and have not yet held our pre-sale.
  • We are not yet available to buy on any exchange
  • A BEP20 Token
  • Airdrop fulfillment will be after pre-sale.



The Pledge Utility CoinTM smart contract has passed an audit by


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