Players.Art IDO Whitelist on MILKYWAYEX

Players.Art  is Cross Chain NFT Marketplace with Real world utility.

Players.Art IDO Whitelist on MILKYWAYEX


⚔️Top 50 winners who have highest entries⚔️

The remaining 350 winners will be randomly selected

♻️ Total Raise: 250,000$ (50,000$ for whitelist and 200,000$ for MILKY Holder)


⚔️ You must have at least 150 entries to be qualified for the contest.

⚔️The more referrals you have, the higher winning chance you get.

⚔️The winners will be announced as soon as the Whitelist period ends.

⚔️Whitelist winners will have first 15 minutes to buy. After that the presale will turn into public purchasing for everyone

About Players.Art


NFT Raffle Pad

NFT Drops with crypto prize pool

NFT PBE Access

Permission Based Access – Music, Travel Tickets, Experiences

Metaverse LaunchPad

NFT holders access Seed, Private and IDO

The Problem

Most of the NFT’s, if not all on the marketplaces like OpenSea are trading below floor price because of lack of utility.

Collectors are losing the value. There’s no additional incentives except expecting the collection to go viral

The Solution

Creators raise huge sums while dropping a collection.

A portion from a successful sale could go towards prize pool, permission based experiences and access to seed, private and IDO rounds.

For eg. if a collection – like PolyMileHighClub sells 10k NFT for 0.08 ETH each, that’s 800 ETH after successful sale.

PolyMileHighClub creators rewarded collectors with 25% of total raise based on Raffle along with access to private rounds of upcoming crypto projects.

$Playr Usecase

$PLAYR is the native token of the PLAYERS platform. It can initially be used for NFT purchases, participation in the liquidity pool, staking, incentivization and governance. $PLAYR will have several more use cases that will expand over time.

$PLAYR will launch on Polygon and then bridged to Harmony, Hedera Hashgraph and Solana. It is regulated by strong tokenomics that keep its supply and demand in check.

Holding $PLAYR benefits

check iconDiscounts on NFTs on the Players website

check iconPriority-access to drops for holders

check iconParticipation in liquidity pools and staking

check iconPermission Based Access to exclusive content and experiences

check iconParticipation in launchpad sales

check iconGaming metaverse benefits

check iconGovernance participation

$PLAYR will have several utilities on launch and its use cases will grow with retail partnerships



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