Pepperbird Finance Whitelist

Pepperbird Finance is a Fintech wealth management and e-commerce ecosystem. Pepperbird Token is a deflationary token that powers the ecosystem, offering 6% rewards in multiple tokens. The 3 rewards offered can be customized by the holder.

Pepperbird Finance Whitelist


Enter for a Presale whitelist spot!

Pepperbird presale will start March 30th, register for a spot by completing these task.

Limited Round 2 Private Sale Spots still available,  join telegram and enter competition for a chance to be upgraded.

Pepperbird presale whitelist offers exclusive price to registered participants and a protection against trade bots

Presale: 1 BNB – 42,000,000,000 PBIRD

Listing: 1 BNB  – 32,000,000,000 PBIRD

About Pepperbird Finance

Pepperbird Token powers Pepperbird Finance

A financial technology company specializing in the development of applications that aid in the effective management of your fiat and crypto holdings. Essentially, we “Build your Nest.”
Our company aims to contribute to the normalization of crypto use by focusing on crafting state-of-the-art money management Decentralized applications (Dapps). We develop real solutions that generate income for our holders and work to simplify the complexities of your financial situation.
Crypto is fast becoming the currency of the future; however, managing the currency in the DeFi world is still cumbersome. Hence the birth of Pepperbird Finance Jenfin Engine.

Financial Health at a Glance

JenFin – Coming Soon

Jenfin is our financial management system designed to track all of your finances, centralized and decentralized, giving you a complete view of your financial health. The system will have lots of bells and whistle to make tax time a snap.

Gasless Dapp

Pepperbird Finance Ecosystem is crafted and developed to drive the use of it’s currency with one key focus in mind, passive income generation. Membership fees, API sales, Merch Store purchases and the need for a more cost efficient way to handle these transaction makes Pepperbird Token gasless transaction API (application programming interface) a perfect addition to our ecosystem.
Hodlers of $Pepperbird will not only benefit from reduced membership and added discounts throughout the ecosystem. 20% of all Jenfin membership fees and 5% of Merch store sales goes to fund the rewards/reflection pool.
Pepperbird Finance is a dba of Glover Seven LLC based in the great state of North Carolina, USA.

Leadership Team

Carmen – Founder & CEO

TG: @LIB_MammaBird
Carmen is the Founder and CEO of PepperBird Finance, and the main creative force behind the development of our ecosystem. Her passion for family and focus on generational wealth shapes how she has meticulously crafted Pepperbird Finance utilities.
Before this, Carmen led Beautifully Elegant Bridal Boutique, one of the first in the industry to merge both the online and in-store bridal party experience. Implementing the now famous order online and pick-up instore shopping trend.
Carmen has worked on various projects in the mobile and Web2 space outside of the retail industry. An avid adopter of crypto technology she brings her passion and drive to this new and exciting arena.

Kareem – CTO & Head of Development

TG: @ThisisKareemG
Kareem is the CTO and Lead Developer at Pepperbird Finance. He is ‘The Guy’ that makes our ecosystem a powerhouse. His extensive leadership experience in service assurance, security, and project management stretches across multiple industries.
A developer with a passion and gift for engineering design and programming, Kareem is responsible for leading all software and technological stack design implementation with focus on security and speed.
In addition to his programming and technology infrastructure experience, having worked on multiple software projects across an array of platforms, Kareem holds a bachelor’s degree in business from East Carolina University and an MBA Cybersecurity degree from Maryville University.

Token Overview

Pepperbird Token is a deflationary passive income generating token hosted on Binance Smart Chain. It powers Pepperbird Finance Ecosystem and operates on an autonomous liquidity generating protocol designed with a pre-selected three token reward/reflection system; plans are in the works for option to customize your reflections.
$Pepperbird is designed with the capability to change selection in the event a reflection token no-longer prove beneficial or becomes inactive.
Hold $Pepperbird in your wallet and receive reward distribution of the following BEP20 token.

$Pepperbird Rewards/Reflections
You will need to add the contract addresses to your wallet in order to see your reflections


BSC Contract Address: TBD
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000
Transaction Fee: 12%



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