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Paycer IDO Whitelist on MILKYWAYEX

Paycer Protocol is Building a cross-chain yield aggregation bridge protocol for #DeFi and #TradFi for mass adoption. The Paycer team is developing a bridge protocol that aggregates DeFi and crypto services cross-chain and combines them with TradFi to create new user-friendly financial products and services available on an easy to use platform.

Paycer IDO Whitelist on MILKYWAYEX

JOIN WHITELIST: https://share-w.in/8i8of3-46002

IDO Date: 4th January at 15:00 UTC

⚔️Top 50 winners who have highest entries⚔️

The remaining 350 winners will be randomly selected

♻️ Total Raise: 200,000$ (30,000$ for whitelist and 170,000$ for MILKY Holder)


⚔️ You must have at least 150 entries to be qualified for the contest.

⚔️The more referrals you have, the higher winning chance you get.

⚔️The winners will be announced as soon as the Whitelist period ends.

⚔️Whitelist winners will have first 15 minutes to buy. After that the presale will turn into public purchasing for everyone

Min & Max Contribute: TBA

Thank you for participation and good luck in the competition!!!

About Paycer

Building a cross-chain yield aggregation bridge protocol for DeFi and banking. The Paycer team is developing a bridge protocol that aggregates DeFi and crypto services cross-chain and combines them with TradFi to create new user-friendly financial products and services available on an easy to use platform.

“Using DeFi can be pretty difficult, even for those in the IT industry. Our mission is to bring high DeFi yields to retail clients who aren’t invested in cryptocurrency yet,” Paycer’s CTO Nils Gregersen says. “We’re also targeting investors who are already in crypto, but who still haven’t jumped on the DeFi bandwagon.”

Providing full interoperability across multiple blockchains, the protocol and platform will feature the full range of financial services, including crypto wallets, bank accounts, lending, liquidity pools and – most importantly – streamlined access to the lucrative DeFi market.


Disrupting the low interest rate banking sector with smart DeFi based financial services that offer high interest rates.

The Paycer Protocol will provide cross chain operability and aggregate certain DeFi products from different blockchains. The Paycer Platform will combine the Paycer Protocol with traditional financial services like a bank account and a debit card. Users only need to make a fiat money deposit on the Paycer platform to get started, no interaction with cryptocurrencies or DeFi is required. Paycer will then automatically place the deposit in selected DeFi products, providing a high and constant interest rate as a passive income.



Our primary goal for the platform is to provide clean user interfaces and very simple processes that fully meet the requirements of our customers. This should empower everyone to use the benefits of DeFi without any prior knowledge or dealing with cryptocurrencies.

High Interest Rate

The Paycer Protocol will combine multiple DeFi products with different interest rates cross-chain. This will generate a stable interest rate of up to 10% for client‘s savings. Higher rates will be possible through Paycer token staking.

Risk Management

Paycer will evaluate DeFi product risks and smart contract code before investing any assets. The Paycer Protocol will also automate multiple risk checks to shift investments if defined signals are negative.


Gain DeFi access with interoperability across multiple blockchain ecosystems in one place. The Paycer Protocol will integrate DeFi services from Ethereum, Polkadot, Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos and Binance Smart Chain.

Financial Services

The Paycer Platform will offer different financial services like a crypto wallet, a bank account, lending, liquidity pools, simplified DeFi access and the main product: earning high interest rates on personal savings.


The Paycer platform will follow rights and regulations and will operate from a headquarter in Hamburg, Germany within the European Union. Paycer will have a partnership with a financial entity for an official banking license.

Social Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/paycerprotocol

Telegram: https://t.me/paycerprotocol

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paycer_protocol/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/paycer

Media Contact

Company: Paycer UG

Contact: Richard Vo, CEO

E-mail: hello@paycer.io

Website: https://www.paycer.io/



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