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Paragen IDO Whitelist on the CeloLaunch

Paragenio is An optimised chain agnostic incubating launchpad! Paving the way for the Next Gen projects on – #bnb #avax #solana #matic

Paragen IDO Whitelist on the CeloLaunch

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/qwYTsx

Whitelist competition winners will be able to participate in Paragen IDO on the CeloLaunch.

  • 🛒PlatformCeloLaunch
  • 📅 Date: TBA
  • 💵Hard Cap: $100,000
  • 👥 No. of winners: 200
  • 💲Maximum Contribution: 0.5 ticket
  • 💰Price: $0.09
  • 🔒Vesting: TGE 20%, Period 5 Months

⚠️cLA holders are required
Winner needs to hold at least: 1000 $cLA
If you are the winner, you will have to lock 1000 $cLA to participate in the commit to calculate the allocation. $cLA will be unlocked one day after the IDO ends.

Follow the instructions and earn points.
The more points you earn the more chances you have to win the whitelist in Paragen IDO.

  1. All steps are mandatory. Users shall register and complete all steps listed below. ​
  2. Provide your Metamask address that you want to use for the pre-sale (Wallet address starts with 0x, NO exchange wallet address)
  3. YOU NEED TO REFER AT LEAST ONE ELIGIBLE FRIEND, The more you refer the more your chances are to win as you get more entries
  4. We reserve the right to cancel fraudulent entries

⏰ Deadline: Sunday, 2022-02-20 15:00 UTC

About Paragen

1. Project Overview

Paragen is the go-to place for exploring the metaverse space; it’s a hub for game finance and Metaworld.

Paragen is the first multi-chain metaverse incubator that creates a platform and allows gamers, traders, and investors to access the leading metaverse projects launched in the market. The utility of digital assets and the value of scarcity are the common elements between gaming and crypto. With the boom in blockchain gaming, Paragen is pioneering a framework for crypto games to advance their project delivery via a revolutionary LaunchPad.


  • Advise:

Paragen advises projects on the finest class of knowledge. From marketing, strategy, to in-depth technical preface.

Knowing the pitfalls and difficulties of an early-stage startup, Paragen offers comprehensive advisory and expertise for early stage projects covering all aspects of a projects cycle, pre-IMO to post-IMO, implying their inevitable success.

  • Incubate:

Enabling long term sustainable growth for outstanding projects.

Paragen searches and explores for talent, upon discovery, Paragen comes on board as incubators. A selective process, by all means, they accelerate the development contingently situating our resources and tools for such projects to utilize and leverage, therefore, achieving their full potential.

  • Launch:

Exclusive Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT offerings.

Through their rigorous screening process and sophisticated research papers, their community will have a portal to access safe, secure, and prestigious projects in a single hub. Establishing a gateway for a virtual tomorrow.

2. GTM Strategy & Product Viablitity

Paragen is the Initial Game Offering (IGO) and the genesis Initial Metaverse Offering (IMO) set to front-run the Metaverse, gaming and NFTverse.

Paragen vision is to ensure the community is given fair access to leading projects front-running the gaming and meta-industry. Their core focus is to connect the investors with metafi projects on multiple chain.

3. Product Roadmap

Q4 2021

Beta release of our multi-chain launchpad.

Implementation of the staking mechanism with rewards system.

Initiating Seed & Strategic funding.

All contracts to be audited.

Q1 2022

Product launch on Mainnet with all deployed contracts.

Successful completion of Audits for the token and staking contracts.

RGEN Token IDO on our own platform and listing for DEX and CEX

NFT Designs for token launches as well as NFT airdrops to random stakers

IGO and INO functionalities

Full scale for bsc, polygon and Solana.

Q2 2022

Beta release “MetaMarkets” to launch on our platform to be the in-game nft and metaverse marketplace.

On-ramp purchases directly through our platform to purchase RGEN.

Initiate the build for the Metaverse on Paragen to be integratable.

Full Scale for Arbitrum, Avalanche and Iotex.

Q3-4 2022

Beta Release of the Metaverse with active utility to interact with users, rent drones to explore the world of Paragen.

Further in-app Wallet integration

Exploring new features and functions such as porting from metaverse to games/metaverse

Metamarkets to support on-ramp as well as be multichain with bsc and polygon and explore other chains

4. Technologies

  • Solana
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • IoTeX
  • Arbitrum

5. Token Economy

To be eligible for tiers of the LaunchPad, investors need to meet the following requirements:

Tier 1: Rookie – 5,000 $RGEN


– Access to upcoming metaverse, game projects

– Access to FCFS (Sale round)

– Early access to NFT offerings

Pool weight: 3% – Guaranteed allocation

Tier 2: Elite – 15,000 $RGEN


– Access to upcoming metaverse, game projects

– Access to FCFS (Sale round)

– Early access to NFT offerings

– Chance of free gaming tokens airdrops

Pool weight: 10% – Guaranteed allocation

Tier 3: Master– 30,000 $RGEN


– Access to upcoming metaverse, game projects

– Access to FCFS (Sale round)

– Early access to NFT offerings

– Chance of free gaming tokens airdrops

– Random NFT Airdrop

Pool weight: 23% – Guaranteed allocation

Tier 4: Prestige– 70,000 $RGEN


– Access to upcoming metaverse, game projects

– Access to FCFS (Sale round)

– Early access to NFT offerings

– Chance of free gaming tokens airdrops

– Random NFT Airdrop

– Early access to beta (testing)

– Access to early allocation (Pre-IDO)

Pool weight: 35% – Guaranteed allocation


A Snapshot for the users staking will be taken 1 day prior to each IDO round to evaluate those committed. Therefore Staking must occur ONE DAY before IDO allocation round opens.


At Every Unstake event following a minimum of 7 days lock, 2% of the unstaked fee will be recirculated into the meta staking pool to continuously reward holders. 1% to be sent to treasury. Total 3%.

6. Token Distribution

7. Partners & Backers

8. Official Links



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