Pandora IDO Whitelist on LunaPad

Pandora’s World ?? Play to earn + PvP + PvE open world game powered by #BSC Ecosytem

Pandora will be a FPS and Open-World exploration based game built on the Binance Smart Chain. We have chosen this layer-solution as we believe it will provide the best and most efficient gaming experience for all Pandorites seamlessly supporting the implementation of P2E (Play-to-Earn) in the most cost effective way to our gamer’s. Whilst also encompassing all the elements of traditional gaming that we are exceedingly fond of, built upon an evolving world that you can access anytime — with friends.

Pandora IDO Whitelist on LunaPad


LunaPad İdo Pandora whitelist competition​
There will be a total of 100 people who will receive the right to purchase 200 usd per person.

? Luna-Pad will Host Pandora IDO on January 27, 2022 (1:00PM UTC) 

IDO Information:
IDO Price : 0.0160 USD
Amount of Tokens : 6,250,000 DORA
Amount to Raise : 100,000 BUSD
Listing Date : 27 January post IDO
Listing Exchange : PCS
Listing Price : 0.0160 USD
Initial Market Cap : $550,000

? Vesting: 15% TGE, 2 month cliff, rest linearly over 5 months

Token Name : DORA
Symbol : $DORA
Total Supply : 2,500,000,000


About Pandora

What is Pandora’s World?

Discover the Complete Metaverse

At Pandora we are creating tools, systems and mechanisms that will truly enhance content creation through blockchain technology and herald a new age of gaming tailored for all play-style preferences. Pandora’s World will be known as an industry leading visionary project that transfers the power and control from the initial development team into the hands of crypto-enthusiasts and gamers globally. Our ultimate goal is to strike a perfect balance between a FPS-First Person Shooter & A true Open-World MMO. Whilst providing gamers world-wide with the opportunity to earn, socialise and have endless fun, regardless of their wealth, background or location.

DORA is the backbone of Pandora’s world and we are working on establishing key mechanics that makes DORA intrinsically tied to all aspects of the World and its monetary & transactional systems.

  • Accessing Pandora: Users will need DORA to create their character, purchase gear, weapons, skins and settlement material.
  • Governance: DORA is a governance token that allows holders to participate in key decisions on the platform, using a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure. Holders can exercise voting rights on key elements such as Clan PvE Rewards, Quest Additions, Weapon & Gear Additions and the future roadmap.
  • Staking: DORA allows for staking, which provides passive revenue and income to holders that commit their earned or purchased DORA to the staking Vault on-board Galactica. You will receive more DORA daily by staking it and further increase your scope of earnings within the Pandora Verse.
  • Events & Gameplay: You will earn DORA for completing quests, selling items via the Nex-Vi Black Market and successfully winning daily or weekly PvE events. We have also added the Clan/Guild System** TBA — which will allow for even greater reward potential to users for their concerted team efforts.


A New Complete Metaverse Awaits You…


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