Palmswap Testnet Whitelist & Airdrop

Palmswap Protocol offers decentralized perpetuals on Binance smart chain, similar to those of central exchanges like Bybit, Bitmex or FTX. On Palmswap you can use leverage up to x10 in the initial phase and go long and short on different markets.

Palmswap Testnet Whitelist & Airdrop


? Deadline – January 14, 2022

The Palmswap testnet whitelisting has started and will be in operation from today Jan 7 till Jan 14th, the long awaited day is finally here!
A grand total of 750 addresses will be selected, with 1.333 PALM in allotted allocation per each participant.
Protocol Trading Fee Distribution

? 50% Palm Buyback & Tokenburn ?
? 50% Insurancefund
How to whitelist

1. Fill in the Typeform

2. Follow @Palmswaporg on Twitter
3. Retweet our Whitelist Event
4. Join our Discord Server + verify account
5. Follow other Social Media Channels

How to get a guaranteed spot?
Reffer 20 friends, you will recieve your guaranteed spot only if they complete all tasks/entrys (reffering excluded)

How to participate on Airdrop

1. You will receive BEP20 USDT tokens sent to your whitelisted wallet
2. You must place a minimum of 2 trades on the testnet
3. Share your thoughts on telegram and discord.

You will receive the Airdrop on your wallet right after TGE.

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