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One Ring Private Sale Whitelist on Synapse Network

One Ring is a Multi-Chain Cross-Stable Yield Optimizer Platform, forget about spending hours looking for the best farms out there. We do it automatically for you.

One Ring to Yield them all ! Leading Stablecoin Yield Optimiser on the Market. Target: 20-30% Apy

One Ring IDO Whitelist on Synapse Network

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/dAs92G

Below you will find everything you need to participate in their presale. In the following weeks we will keep updating you on our upcoming projects, so stay tuned to our announcement and media channels and be ready to participate in our next launch.


  • 11.01.2022 9 AM UTC — Whitelist start (mandatory for non-SNP stakers): https://gleam.io/wD1MK/synapse-network-onering-private
  • 11.01.2022 9 AM UTC — SNP stakers can start to register their interest in guaranteed allocation
  • 13.01.2022 9 AM UTC — End of time for Whitelist and for interest registration
  • 13.01.2022 7 PM UTC — Whitelist Announcement, publication of allocation size, KYC for Whitelisted start
  • 15.01.2022 9 AM UTC — Sale Start
  • 16.01.2022 9 AM UTC — Sale End
  • 17.01.2022 9 AM UTC — Return of overallocated unused funds

Sale details:

  • Round — Private
  • Price per token — 0.25$
  • Platform allocation — 300 000$
  • Gleam competition allocation — 300$
  • Gleam competition — number of winners — 100

About One Ring

One Ring is a Multi-Chain Cross-Stable Yield Optimizer Platform, forget about spending hours looking for the best farms out there. We do it automatically for you.

Distributing the deposited funds the most beneficial way while having a super easy-to-use UI sounds very promising. But using the best yield sources around, what does this really mean? The best yield source is a combination of return, security, scalability, sustainability and even more. To really pick the best combination is what OneRing is after. To do so, you gotta start somewhere.

To approach this problem, one thing that’s really needed is reliable — and fast — on-chain data. Since OneRing always wants to pick the most promising yield source with the best combination of the variables given above, the data needs to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Taking into consideration OneRing will be adding more and more networks to the multi-chain product, all of this data needs to be acquired for every protocol on every chain integrated.

This could be done by a very ambitious and hard working research team, but what if there’s a way to fetch all this data frequently for every yield source our research team approves? What if this even goes for multi-chain purposes? These are the services Yield Monitor offers.. If you want to yield them all, you have to monitor them all.

On our part, we thoroughly reviewed the project, team, roadmap, tokenomics and had fruitful meetings — we strongly believe in the project. If you would like to learn more about it, which we encourage you to do, please read: https://1ad0dae9-0e89-4568-b8a8-a112fe560d06.filesusr.com/ugd/2bdd9a_08d99428651a446ca013519e5f3afc2a.pdf

And visit their website: http://www.onering.finance/

More information:

Medium: https://onering-finance.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/OneRing_Finance

Discord: http://discord.gg/oneringfinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Onering_Finance



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