Ocean Mollu Beta Version Whitelist

Ocean Mollu is a 3D Play To Earn meta-universe game based on Binance Smart Chain.

The beta version of Ocean Mollu is officially launched, and our beta version will open the white list activity to ONTO wallet community. White list users can get rich NFT and token rewards by participating in the internal test.

Ocean Mollu Beta Version Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/KgEDBH

1. All white list users who actually participate in the test will receive 10-100 OCN / OMO tokens at random.
2. During the event, all white list users participating in the test will receive the following rewards if they win the ranking of 1-100 in the PVP arena mode:
First place: 5 NFT mollu + 1000usdt

2nd place: 3 NFT mollu + 500usdt

3rd place: 3 NFT mollu + 300usdt

4-10: 3 NFT mollus

10-50: 2 NFT mollus

50-100: 1 NFT mollu

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Follow ocean mollu twitter:https://twitter.com/OceanMollu
Follow ONTO wallet twitter:https://twitter.com/ONTOWallet
Join ocean mollu telegram group:https://t.me/OceanMollu
Join ONTO wallet telegram group:https://t.me/ONTOWallet
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About Ocean Mollu

OceanMollu is a 3D ocean based on Web3.0 Play To Earn Metaverse (GameFi).It will be deployed in BSC and will gradually support IoTeX, SOLANA, Avanlanche and other networks.

OceanMollu is a 3D ocean based on Web3.0 Play To Earn Metaversethis is okay (GameFi).






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