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NUMERIC DAO airdrop & public sale

You buy $numeric, we add a numeric value to your savings. Earn 20% each month with $numeric Dividends Distribution!


💠 Announcing NUMERIC DAO Airdrop, Take part now and win 10,000 $NUMERIC tokens!

We use our multiple treasuries to farm and trade on multiple chains. Treasury profits are used to buy back $NUMERIC and distribute profits back to the community.
The airdrop campaign begins on April 5th, 2022, and ends on June 30th, 2022.

🔗 Airdrop participation link: https://www.numericdao.xyz/airdrop/

Referral id: top3ico

🔹Also get 5000 $NUMERIC Tokens for each referral

total supply : 1,000,000,000
complete the task below and get a 10,000 $numeric token.
refer friend and get 5000 $numeric.
refer unlimited friends

NUMERIC DAO public sale

Public sale: https://www.numericdao.xyz/sale/

 $NUMERIC Price: $0.0004.  soft cap: $100k (treasury)  

Initial lp: 25% token will be used to add liquidity  

locking 25% total supply for 6 month

#FCFS based


Numeric DAO is an Investment As A Service DAO. An investment in $NUMERIC is an investment into a treasury managed by historically profitable traders. When you invest in $NUMERIC, we trade a carefully managed treasury and distribute profits back to you in real-time. Put more simply, we do the trading for you.
$numeric dao is not only running the by the profit from treasure but also from its products such as swap, lending platforms, etc…
This makes $numeric so different from other investments as service dao.


A total of 1,000,000,000 $numeric have been minted from the very start


numeric Dao only doing sales for funding the treasury.
35% of the token is allocated for sale, but we can’t just sell the token at any price. So numeric dao will do the sale with a soft cap of 1,00,000$.
35% of token allocation = 35,00,00,000 $numeric
if we sell 35,00,00,000$numeric token at a price of 0.0003$, then we will get a hard cap of 1,00,000$
but if there is no hype then there is no selling, so we offer the price of 0.0003$ per $numeric for private sale investors.
if the token didn’t get sold in a private sale, we will do a public sale. but the price will vary from 0.0003 to 0.0004.
still, the token for sale will be sold and extra funds that we get will be used to add liquidity to $numeric token pairs.


we have sold our 35% of token in the sale and released it into the market, so we have to control the price or we have to control the slippage. so we will use the 25% of token to add liquidity to the $numeric token pair. for the $numeric/$bnb pair we will use the treasury profit to buy the BnB and we will not sell $numeric, so the price will not get dumped.


you know numeric dao also focuses on its feature. numeric dao will build its own swap, and lending platforms but we also need $numeric token and liquidity to do something that big. so we will lock a 25% token for further development. one thing we can promise is that we will not sell tokens into the market when we release them, instead, we will use them for the platforms. we have more to come, but we cant release all the details about future secret developments. we will update when the times comes




5% of the token will be distributed as airdrop and as other rewards to build a strong community.


Over 90% of crypto traders lose money within their first 6 months of trading.

Using advanced trading techniques AND cross chain farming.

profit gaining from farming and trading will add use to buy back $NUMERIC

Every month end we will buy back $numeric using the profit


🌎Website: https://www.numericdao.xyz/
✈️Twitter: https://twitter.com/numericdao
💎Telegram: https://twitter.com/numericdao

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