Nova Finance IDO Whitelist on Solanium

Nova is a programmable asset framework that allows people to access DeFi without having to learn complex financial management skills. With the product, users can create a portfolio of assets to automatically generate returns through yield strategies, all the while executing investment strategies such as dollar-cost averaging, take-profit calls and much more.

Nova Finance IDO Whitelist on Solanium


Staking Pool

Majority of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to Staking Pool tickets. You can only get Staking Pool tickets by staking SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens. Increase your Staking Pool tickets by increasing your token stake or extending your lock time.

Social Pool

A small percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool. You can collect Social Tickets by performing various social tasks.

About Nova Finance

This new type of synthetic asset allows cryptocurrency experts to program assets to follow complex investment strategies and create portfolios in which less experienced users can follow and invest.


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– Participate in portfolios created by experienced cryptocurrency investors

– Automatically earn yield on your investments

– Easily add investment rules to take profit and prevent loss

– Earn 10% of all the yield their capital generates in the portfolios you create


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Q4 2021 MVP Launch

– IDO completed

– Further Yield Integrations added – New trade strategies released

Q1 2022 Ethereum Deployment

– EVM Version of Nova completed

– Wormhole integration

– Cross- Chain Portfolios; make every asset across DeFi programmable

Q2 2022 Meritocratic Governance

– Full governance and reward system released – Treasury proposals go live

– Meritocratic portfolios

Q3 2022 Nova Mobile App

– DeFi for the retail audience – More details coming soon


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Team background

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The Nova token is primarily a governance token. It will be responsible for making decisions in the following areas:

– nAsset Integrations

– Protocol upgrades and modifications – Treasury Spend

– Portfolio Assessments

Holding Nova Token may also bring about application specific benefits such as exclusive access to premium features in the future.

Token distribution

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Total Supply: 10 million

● Treasury: 23%

● Liquidity & Incentives: 31.75%

● Team: 10%

● Fund Raising: 28.81%

● Marketing 4.13%

● Advisors: 2.31%


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