NFZ – Non-Fungible Zoo Whitelist

All the zoos. One Membership. Welcome to the NFZ, the newest, most innovative Zoo membership on the planet! NFZ offers zoo memberships for every age and interest. By purchasing one of our zoo trainers memberships you will hold a lifetime pass to zoos across the globe. Oh, did you hear that? We said for life! Don’t Miss Out!

NFZ – Non-Fungible Zoo Whitelist

Our first launch, Elite Zoo Trainers will include features such as access to VIP experiences at partner zoos and an in person meet up that will never be available again! In a modernizaing world you no loger need to limit your Zoo trips to the one in your local area.


Our whitelist members will get first access to our launch (coming very soon!) By subscribing and joining our Whitelist you will agree to receive information about NFZ, our newsletter, campaigns about the NFZ Zoo Memberships, and messages from Zoo affiliates.


NFZ Overview

Is a zoo membership in your future?

Welcome to NFZ, the newest and most innovative Zoo membership on the planet.

By purchasing one of our zoo trainers or zoo animal Memberships you will gain access to zoos across the globe!

Visiting Australia? Great take the family to the world renowned Australia Zoo (home of the Crocodile Hunter), no worries, pull open your Crypto wallet and have them scan it for each person you bring with you. Next week you are back in St. Louis and you want to visit your hometown zoo.

Great! Open your Crypto Wallet and have them scan it for each person you bring with you. Want to sell your pass? Great, sell it on the marketplace and make some coin and let someone else enjoy unlimited zoo visits!

How it Works

Simply purchase your NFZ Zoo Membership through our whitelist, waitlist, or public sale on our website at, add it to our zoo wallet and open it up when you get to the zoo. Select the zoo from our list of zoos and then within 30 minutes and have the zoo scan the barcode for all the guests you are bringing with you. Once verified that you are the holder of that membership, enjoy your visit, discounts, and more!


There will be 3 launches of memberships. Currently we are working to release our first 2,000 memberships which will have exclusive benefits that you can’t get with the 2nd and 3rd launch.


70% discount from standard NFZ Zoo Animal Membership price ($900 instead of $3k)

Lifetime access to all zoos, future Metaverse and VR Experiences

Voting rights on future zoo trainer activities and use of Zoo Animal Foundation Donations

Access to see the zoo trainer treasury and voting rights on how this money is spent or saved for future use

Access to 1 VIP experience per year at partner zoos

Access to a once a year meetup at a group voted zoo

Zoo Animal Membership

Up to 6 family members on one membership

Unlimited visits to any zoos within our network

Trade or sell memberships at anytime


1 year recurring membership for $700 per year

3 year membership for $1,500

Lifetime membership for $3,000

Up to 6 family members on one membership

Unlimited visits to any zoos within our network

Trade or sell your membership at anytime



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