NFTUSD $NFTU Presale Whitelist

The First stable NFT mintable Token, NFT staking Farm, and Marketplace.

NFTUSD Presale Whitelist

Participate in the $NFTU Presale Whitelist

Sign up to our Presale BOT via telegram to be whitelisted to participate in our upcoming presale.



?You must fill in all details correctly as incorrect details will be disqualified

?You will be given only one whitelist slot for one ETH address. Registrations on multiple telegram accounts with ONE ETH ADDRESS will be disqualified.

?Complete tasks to win a whitelist spot

? Join our Telegram Group (

? Join our Telegram channel (

? Please Follow us on Twitter ( & Retweet our pinned post.

? Tell us how you Found out about us.

? Tell us the amount of ETH you would like to deposit

? Submit your ETH wallet address.


Refer your friends to our whitelist and earn an additional 2NFTU($2) per referral.

?When the presale Begins, you also earn 10% of their ETH deposit if they buy tokens with your referral link.


?Presale launchpad link

⏰presale start date
1st December 2021 13:00UTC

⏰presale end & listing date
20th December 2021 13:00UTC

?Presale price:1ETH = 7142$NFTU
?listing price:1NFTU = $1
?minimum deposit:0.1ETH
?maximum deposit:5ETH


NFT Dollar (NFTU Token)

Despite the fact that blockchain technology has introduced exceptional innovations—distributed ledgers, decentralized trust, smart contracts, and so on—it has not improved on the fundamental principles that characterize money, nor has it built the public trust required to achieve widespread adoption.
NFT Dollar is meant to take advantage of new blockchain technology advances to improve the function of money while also being maintained by old infrastructure that ensures its reliability. In other words, NFT Dollar can offer a token that combines the confidence and stability of fiat currency with the utility and immediacy of digital assets as a licensed trust company and financial institution producing a token backed by US dollar deposits.

Key Features

The NFT Dollar, or NFTU, is a token backed one-to-one by cash and currency equivalents and accessible on NFT. NFTU may be exchanged for USD one-to-one and redeemed for USD one-to-one. NFTU tokens are deleted from the supply as soon as they are redeemed; NFTU exist only as long as the corresponding dollars are held in possession. NFT works under the highest governing standards as a trust business incorporated under New York State banking law and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Unlike a bank, which utilizes customer cash for its own advantage and funding, a trust firm operates as a fiduciary that holds customer deposits and will always keep customer monies fully separate. Customer monies are all accounted for as customer property and are stored in FDIC-insured US banks or guaranteed by US government treasuries.

Here is our Token information.

? Link : ETHEREUM (
? Network: Ethereum
? Contract: 0x7265D1174A3a6d568E96870DeFC1bcEFFBC7D78C
? Name : USDNFT
? Symbol : NFTU
? Decimals : 8

NFTU MarketPlace (NFTUM)

NFTU marketplace will enable digital collectors to purchase, sell, and generate their own tokens representing ownership of one-of-a-kind, physical, and intangible goods.
Since the “DeFi summer” of 2020, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have fast become one of the most explosive crypto trends, with a rising number of cryptocurrency holders and traditional investors looking to buy and speculate on these unique blockchain-based assets. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or fiat money such as the US dollar, these distinct sorts of digital assets cannot be swapped for one another since each token has a unique value based on its unique characteristics.
NFTU Marketplace would be Launching on the Ethereum Blockchain, which is by far the most popular system for buying, selling and creating unique, digital items.


NFTU Pay would be the financial hub of NFTU Marketplace, it would be responsible for the some of the features highlighted below:
  • NFTU transactions are completed without the need of any intermediaries. Shorter redemption windows (NFTU can be redeemed for dollars within one business day) and cheaper costs are possible as a result of this.
  • Anyone who owns an Ethereum wallet can send or receive NFTU. All transactions on the Ethereum platform follow the ERC-20 standard and are governed by the rules of a smart contract. Transactions are free of human mistake thanks to this smart contract, and the system only does what it is meant to do.
  • NFTU is a cryptocurrency that can be traded on exchanges all around the world. It may be used as a proxy for understanding the worth of the dollar when compared to other digital assets because it is backed by the dollar.
  • The NFT Marketplace, NFTUM, will allow users to mint digital tokens in the marketplace, causing the token price to rise steadily.
  • NFTU is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist settlement of any sort of asset, including crypto, security, and asset tokens, as well as payments. NFTU can go anywhere, at any time, unlike fiat, which can only be used to settle deals during bank business hours.
NFTU is a programmable token based on the Ethereum blockchain that may participate in a wider global community of tokens, assisting in the creation of a stable worldwide platform for programmable money.

Presale & Listing

Presale Details:

The presale price is
1 ETH = 7,142 NFTU tokens
Uniswap listing price ~70% higher than presale price: 1 ETH = 4,166 NFTU Tokens
The rationale for this pricing is because we want to have extremely excellent returns for all early holders of NFTU so that we establish a price that benefits anybody that trusted NFTU from the beginning.

How Presale?

$NFTU Presale Whitelist would be held on these dates
Start time:11th November 00:00 UTC+1
End time:21st December 00:00 UTC+1
$NFTU token Public Presale would be held on these dates
Start time:22nd November 00:00 UTC+1
End time:31st November 00:00 UTC+1
Only use the link below to access the Presale Page.

Connect your MetaMask,Trustwallet enter the amount of ETH you wish to send and click buy. NFT Dollar tokens will be automatically sent via our smart contract.
Do not use exchange accounts i.e Coinbase, Kraken, Hotbit e.t.c to send BNB directly to smart contract.

10% ETH referral reward distributed instantly to referrer wallet via presale contract. Create your referral link on

Softcap: 100 ETH Hardcap: ~200 ETH

minimum Contribution : 0.1 ETH max Contribution: 10 ETH

Uniswap Listing

Uniswap listing price ~ 70% higher than presale price:
1 ETH = 4,166 ACE (~0.00024ETH/NFTU)
Before Marketplace launch, we will create Uniswap liquidity of $NFTU Official Token. Liquidity will be created and locked. Evidence will be announced on Telegram & Twitter and liquidity created.​
The presale fund will be used 10% for project dev. fund, 50% for liquidity, 30% for NFT Marketplace, 10% for project’s marketing fund.
Any unsold and unlocked NFTU tokens will be locked before Pancakeswap Listing.


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