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Mynos Metaverse Whitelist

MYNOS is a Metaverse project on a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure, running on a OlympusDAO fork with Metaverse assets, such as virtual lands and Play-to-Earn NFTs.

Mynos Metaverse Whitelist

🪐Learn more about MYNOS DAO at 👉 https://mynos.space 🪐
🧠Erudite’s Faction Patronage: Whitelist🧠

Join whitelist

 💎 25 slots to buy $MYNOS Allocation joining Erudite’s Faction.

Exclusive Rare-Boost NFT: Tier 1 (increases APY from staking)

Priority access to Metaverse Launchpad

$3000 MYNOS in prizes
💲Whitelist price: 100% cheaper than Public sale (TGE).
🔒Vesting 50% in TGE. 50% Locked in auto-compound staking for 2 weeks.

🧑‍⚖️ Rules 🧑‍⚖️

👉 Follow us on Twitter

👉 Join our Discord Channel

👉 Join our Telegram
🔄 ❤️ Retweet and Like pinned tweet at https://twitter.com/MynosDAO
🔄 Retweet, tag 3 friends and hashtag #MYNOS #GIVEAWAY #WHITELIST #OHM #TIME
👉 Do daily task, or refer friends to earn extra entries

🎁 Prize

⭐️ 20 random participants and Top 5 participants with highest entry will receive the reward plus MYNOS rewards:
💰 Top 1: $1000
💰 Top 2: $500
💰 Top 3$300
💰 Top 4: $200
💰 Top 5: $100
💸 20 slots random: $45/each
❗️❗️Minimum 10 entries to be eligible for the prizes❗️❗️
📌 You need to do daily task for more entry – 2 entry/day or Refer friends for extra entries.
⏰ 8:00 PM CET, 16th November – 8:00 PM (CET), 23th November,2021

📣 Announcement:

⏰ 8:00 PM CET, 24th November


 0:00 AM CET , 25th November to 11:59 PM CET
✍️Time to transfer MYNOS prizes & fill out the form:

About Mynos Metaverse


The IDO & launch is just a beginning of the Mynos Metaverse! After the launch we will start following works immediately:

November 2021

  • Mynos Token Launch
  • Staking/Bonding Launch (starting 27/11/2021 0:00 CET)
  • More bonds integration
  • First Metaverse investment
  • First partnership

December & January 2021

  • v2 fork migration
  • NFT Marketplace & Metaverse Launchpad — Alpha testers
  • Peckshield Audit
  • NFT Boosts
  • v2 fork migration
  • More partnerships

February & March 2022

  • Ecosystem expansion
  • Metaverse Launchpad Beta: First project launch
  • NFT/Bonding/Staking integration
  • Treasury yield earning strategies deployment
  • Cross-chain reserve mechanism
  • Bug bounty program
  • Cointelegraph article


The Mynos team is made up of 4 blockchain enthusiasts:

  • Escribus (Red Commander) born in Spain. He’s young but talented. He is Full stack engineer and is the responsable of all Blockchain related workflow.
  • Krammer (Blueberry) he’s from Spain as well. Front-end and Unity developer. We are both responsable of social media & agreement with 3rd parties.
  • Civitatis (Brownie) is our art/graphic designer. He is from Spain.
  • Auld (Greenie) the one who writes these lines. I’m the project leader. I’m Irish but working and living in Spain. I take part in digital marketing related work and social media.

But the most important question is…

Who runs Mynos Metaverse?

The answer is quite simple: no one. Mynos Metaverse is DAO-governed. All decisions are formed by community members on the forum and made by token holders through discord bot connected through blockchain voting.


After IDO, the raised liquidity will go as follows:

  • 65% for UniSwap token liquidity
  • 15% swapped into FRAX acting as treasury backup
  • 10% for Metaverse assets stored in the treasury
  • 5% for Marketing
  • 3% for Partners
  • 2% for Team.

Initial Discord Offering (IDO)

The Mynos Metaverse IDO is set and ready to go. For those in our community still looking to whitelist, be hurry to join a Faction there are still slots left!

Details of IDO Launch:

  • Initial Allocation: 120,000 $MYNOS — (Target: 360,000 $FRAX)
  • Price: $3 FRAX per $MYNOS
  • Limit per whitelisted wallet: 1,200 $FRAX (Total: 400 $MYNOS)
  • $MYNOS purchased will be staked in Mynos Staking App after IDO with a 3 epochs (24 hours) warmup. After 24 hours, the warm-up period will be 0 and you can receive staking rewards as normal.
  • Vesting period: 50% $MYNOS from IDO can be claimed 24 hours after launch(11/27/2021–0:00 CET) 50% Locked in auto-compound staking for 2 weeks.
  • Launch: MYNOS/FRAX Liquidity will be added. TGE price: 6$ (11/27/2021–0:00 CET)

Time Frame for IDO

The Mynos Metaverse IDO will be hosted in two phases:

  1. “Whitelisted” Settlers into a Faction (11/25/12021–0:00 CET) — (11/25/2021–23:59 CET) During this phase Settlers that have been whitelisted (joined to a Faction) will be eligible to purchase up to their maximum allocated $MYNOS — (400 $MYNOS) * Any remaining allocations will go to the “Public” Settlers phase .
  2. “Public” Settlers (11/26/2021–0:00 CET) — (11/26/2021–23:59 UTC) During this phase all will be eligible to purchase $MYNOS. The $MYNOS will follow the same lockup details as above.
  3. The first epoch starts at (11/27/2021–0:00 UTC) — Mynos Staking App will host staking and bonds (You will be able to purchase: — FRAX bonds — FRAX MYNOS lp bonds from the time of initial release). You will be able to claim 50% of purchased tokens. 50% Locked in auto-compound staking for 2 weeks.
  4. The Initial APY — 91,723% — UniSwap will host $MYNOS at $6 with $234,000 FRAX initial liquidity. (11/27/2021–0:00 CET)

How to avoid high gas costs?

The downside of launching a project on the Ethereum network is the high transaction costs. That is why we have implemented three ideas that will minimize costs to practically zero:

  • The IDO will function as a transfer and not as a swap. This cuts gas costs to $ 20–30.
  • By claiming the purchased tokens it will be automatically staked.
  • In order to reduce transaction costs to practically zero, we will reimburse gas costs via MYNOS airdrop within 24 hours of the first epoch. For instance, if someone pays $ 40 in gas costs, he will receive $ 40 extra MYNOS (around 13 MYNOS).

Security Concerns

With recent concerns around projects that have launched in the space. We wanted to take a moment to address this and outline the methods surrounding the launch of Mynos Metaverse DAO. For the IDO launch:

  • A time lock will be placed on the treasury for 43200 blocks (~ 1 day) to manage changes.
  • The IDO itself is all run by the deployed contracts and all processes are run by the code in the contract. This means the team has no way to extract funds from the contract
  • Post-Launch the contract will transfer the treasury funds to a multi-sig wallet (so no one individual has access over the funds).
  • All main contracts will be deployed and will be reviewed openly at https://docs.mynos.space

The Mynos Metaverse DAO contract will be guarded by a gnosis safe multisig implementation. The Mynos Metaverse DAO gnosis safe address will hold all the treasury funds accumulated. The DAO contract is guarded by a 3 of 4 multisig policy. Requiring any transaction to make changes to the DAO must be approved by at least 3 stakeholders of the total 4 stakeholders within the multisig policy. All of the identified signers will be verified on Etherscan and GnosisSafe.

This supports to significantly mitigate security risks as no single stakeholder can execute transactions and all transactions are double-checked by at least 3 stakeholders and leaders in the Mynos Metaverse DAO.



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