MoveZo Public Sale Whitelist

We are MoveZo, a #Web3 inspired #MoveToEarn lifestyle application that entails NFT & Game-fi elements enabling users to earn rewards through walking experience.

MoveZo Public Sale Whitelist


MoveZo – Public Sale To be Held on Pinksale

$MVZ Pre-Sale Starts on 7th May 14:00 UTC

Follow the instructions and earn points. The more points you earn the more chances you have to win a Whitelist in MoveZo Pink sale

Good luck to everyone

All steps are mandatory. Users shall register and complete all steps listed below.

Provide your BEP-20 address that you want to use for the Public Sale (Metamask wallet address starts with 0x, no exchange wallet address)

(YOU NEED TO REFER AT LEAST ONE ELIGIBLE FRIEND, The more you refer the more your chances to win as you get more entries)
We reserve the right to cancel fraudulent entries

About MoveZo

MoveZo (Move To Earn) is a decentralized application that incentivizes healthy living by rewarding users for walking. Mint your own NFT in the form of sneakers. Just put on your sneakers and then earn $MVZ by walking, running or cycling which can either be used for in-game activities or cashed out as profits.
Key Features
  • Anyone can use: You don’t have to understand NFTs or Crypto to get started. Burning those calories is all you need to know, to start using MoveZo
  • Build a habit of working out: Building a habit is hard, especially when it comes to your health. Using real money rewards and interesting gaming/social elements, MoveZo helps you become physically active and get fit
  • Earn in Crypto/NFTs: Earn in cryptocurrency & upgrade your NFT value every day simply by walking, running and cycling.
More Details
Details That will be Revealed soon.
  • Tax and Fee systems
  • Sneaker Sale
  • Airdrop Campaign
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Beta- Testing
  • Social-Fi Elements
  • Sneaker Upgrades and Attributes
  • In-game Activity Details
  • Energy and Earnings Details


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