? Invite Friends to Monsterra Testnet, Get Real NFTs in Our Mainnet

? The more, the merrier! Monsterra has specially prepared an event for Monsterriors to bring your gang!


The atmosphere at Monsterra Testnet is still heating up day by day. Hurry up and invite your friends to enjoy the attractive gameplay and receive attractive rewards.

Monsterra Invitation Campaign Timeline

  • Start Date: 1 PM UTC April 14, 2022
  • End Date: 1 PM UTC April 30, 2022

Invitation Campaign Instruction

1st Referral Code/ Link is for Monsterriors to send to their friends.

If your friends bring you there, fill their Referral Code in the 2nd Referral Code Box.

  • Referer will be rewarded Tickets to join the Raffle to win real NFTs

Types of Ticket: Common (CO), Uncommon (UC), Rare (RA) and Epic (EP)

  • Whenever the referee reach a new level, the referer will be rewarded some tickets, the quality and quantity of the tickets depend on the new reached level of the referee following table:
  • Players can submit their collected tickets by types and quantity to join the Raffle
  • The Raffle will be deducted at the end of the campaign to pick out the winners

Raffle Reward Pool

Rate Calculation

Rate = SubmittedTicketsAmount * TotalRewardsAmount / TotalSubmittedTicketsAmount

Prize Pool

About Monsterra

Monsterra is a free-to-play-to-earn blockchain-based game inspired by the Axie Infinity game’s pet world and the gameplay in Clash of Clan or Boom Beach of Supercell.

The game set foot in a fictional world and revolves around farming, property building, and battling other lands with the magical creatures named Mongens. The revolutionary design of Monstera is a combination of free-to-play and free-to-earn models, which allows millions of gaming enthusiasts to enjoy fun and have a high-profit stream with no initial investment.

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