Monster Galaxy IDO Whitelist on TrustPad

Monster Galaxy is an exciting mobile game + inspired by Pokemon and Monster Hunter.

Monster Galaxy IDO Whitelist on TrustPad


Monster Galaxy IGO starts: January 16th, 11:00 UTC on TrustPad
Initial Mkt. Cap: $420,000
A total reward worth $5,000 worth of $GGM tokens (at IGO price) ?
Total Winners: 100
Prize: $50 worth of $GGM @ IGO price
Each winner will have a guaranteed opportunity to invest $50 in the pre-public round of Monster Galaxy on TrustPad.
How to participate?
Simply enter your details, and follow the steps below to enter the competition to win an allocation worth $50 of GGM (at listing price)   ?

Top 15 referrers will get Guaranteed Allocations!

Invite your friends to join the campaign with the referral link below,

and the Top 15 referrers will get a guaranteed allocation worth $50 of GGM.

85 will be randomly chosen, and the Top 15 referrers will get Guaranteed Allocations.

? Follow the steps below to enter: more actions = more chances to win ✌️
The winners will be announced on TrustPad’s Twitter and Telegram Ann Channel!

About Monster Galaxy

MONSTER GALAXY *P2E* is a creature-taming and battling game

Players use special items and power-ups to win challenging battles! They are tasked with growing their team of tamed Moga monsters to conquer foes or help friends they encounter on their travels in this vast adventure-filled world!
With never-before-seen monsters as well as new encounters with fan-favorite characters, this new game adds another chapter to the Monster Galaxy story!
In a land populated by creatures called Moga, skilled tamers capture these Moga in Starseeds and pit them against each other in battle. Thirteen-year-old Avery would love nothing more than to become a Moga tamer, but he’s needed at home, and there’s no way his overprotective mom will ever let him pursue a dangerous career with the Moga Rangers! Avery and his little sister Dawn have kept their Moga-taming aspirations a secret, but the alignment of the thirteen Zodiac planets has sent hundreds of Moga raining down from the heavens, and it’s going to be tough for Avery and Dawn to keep their secret with brand-new Moga everywhere they look!

Based on the hit video game series: Gaia Online’s popular Monster Galaxy, Monster Galaxy Zodiac Island, and Monster Galaxy Exile, MONSTER GALAXY P2E invites players to embark on an exciting new journey as Moga tamers!


Designed and produced by GAIA CLUB
MONSTER GALAXY *P2E* is an exciting mobile game inspired by POKEMON and MONSTER HUNTER. The game features epic Monster battles and eye-catching special effects, as well as a stunning original soundtrack from Jeremy Soule and the band TREAT.
Monster Galaxy first appeared in 2012
It debuted as Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Island and was followed by Monster Galaxy: Exile. The Facebook page for Monster Galaxy currently has 1.262 million followers and 1.286 million LIKES.
MONSTER GALAXY *P2E* incorporates blockchain technology
This new game allows every MOGA to function as an NFT. Both MOGA NFTs and in-game tokens, called “Galaxy Gems” *GGM (Ticker), can be freely traded on the open market or in the virtual store.
Join your friends on a fantastic adventure
Battle to win Galaxy Gems. Encounter and capture MOGA. Collect, play, and earn!

Play to Earn

MONSTER GALAXY is a game that follows the – Collect, Play and Earn business model
This is a game model that incorporates the concept of an open economy, which provides key benefits to players who in turn enrich the game world by their participation in it.
MONSTER GALAXY players earn in-game tokens called Galaxy Gems by battling monsters and fellow players. Galaxy Gems ($GGM) are needed to purchase additional slots for MOGA and energy in the game. $GGM can be traded on the open market.
MOGA are your Monster pets. Every MOGA represents a unique NFT that can be traded in the game’s virtual store, GAIA CLUB marketplace, or any leading NFT marketplace. Enhanced MOGA are priceless on the open market.
MOGA are categorized into 7 levels are rarity: beginner, common, uncommon, rare, super rare, epic, and legendary. The rarity of a MOGA determines the available quantity and how difficult it is to capture.


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